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Outdated Atomworks Rebirth V3.2

Loads of new items, ores, bars, and helpful machinery

  1. Avali Support + More

    • Snow Infantry Armor is currently no longer "upgradeable" in the mod. They will be released again in a new mod that I'm working on: Galactic Everwinter. Only alloy-based infantry will be available in the mod unless you use both Atomworks and Galactic Everwinter: Atomworks being an addon that just makes metallic "upgrades" craftable
    • Added Novakid inspection lines
    • Added .tierinfo (More information on tiering)
    • Changed sound of plasma machine guns
    • Recyclable (Green) ores/bars can now be refined for money (Ore: 15 pixels, Bars: 30 pixels)
    • Shotguns fixed
    • Made the Mini Kitchen stackable (and able to place objects on)
    • Updated Armor
    - Tier 1-4 armor now +05 in all stats and rounded up to nearest 05 or 10 if needed. (EX: If at 42 -> changed to 45, if at 46 -> changed to 50) If rounded number is a value of 05 or 10 then it's rounded to the nearest 05 upwards (EX: If at 45 -> changed to 50, if at 40 -> changed to 45) Also it should be spawnable at my custom spawning box now - but I'm not 100% sure.
    - Tier 5-6 armor now the average of each stat between (vanilla) armor tiers. (EX: Defense increase from each one of the 3 was added together, and subsequentally divided by 3; AKA the formula for finding the average value between multiple values)
    • Updated materials for tier 5-6 armor
    • Added Avali Metallic Armor
    • Adjusted the way "addons" work
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