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Assorted Crafting Things 1.3.1

Lots of things!

  1. I'm stupid oh god someone stop me

    I didn't realize I screwed up something so basic as to make the mod not even work, woops!

       - GENERAL:
         - You can now craft the catalogs. I'm stupid and forgot the player.config.patch file.
       - FURNITURE:
         - Colony Deeds are back!
           - Three versions, each work like the default deed.
           - An old bug allowed my deeds to add infinite tenants. I fixed that.
       - TECHNICAL (For Modders):
         - I have a patch file for the default Colony Deed that uses my edited script.
           - The solution to the above colony bug was due to using a script that didn't work with my deeds.
           - I made a copy of the original script, and added lines to add my deeds. Now, Colony Deed and any of my deeds won't spawn endless tenants!
           - If you have any other mods that add custom Colony Deeds, or edit objects/spawner/colonydeed/colonydeed.object, then this mod will conflict with it.
             - I don't know how else to work around this.
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