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Assorted Crafting Things 1.3.1

Lots of things!

  1. Mech Update

    Oh boy this one's gonna be a doozy. Please read this before asking any questions, I actually spent time writing this out. Changelogs are a pain.

       - GENERAL:
         - The mod is all condensed into five vendors now.
           - Items are now obtained from the five ACT Catalogs, crafted at your Inventor's Table for 10 Tungsten Bars each.
           - Items are organized in obvious categories for ease of browsing.
           - For an explanation, see afternotes below if interested why.
         - Fixed redundant files in some areas, lightening the load a little.
         - Some pets have to be recaptured. Sorry for the inconvenience.
       - BAZAAR:
         - The Bazaar has closed shop.
           - This was poorly implemented, and it wasn't going anywhere.
           - I removed it as I have no interest in continuing the side story of the crew of the Bazaar.
           - From now on, it will all be in one tiny package.
         - RIP;
           - Ick, the Superbug
           - Bart, the Critter Catcher
           - Doug, the Figure Collector
           - Unnamed M'iala Empress
           - Unnamed M'iala Slave
           - The Glitch King
           - And those other folks, whoever they were
       - FURNITURE:
         - All furniture now has a tooltip, matching the type of furniture it is.
         - All furniture tooltips have "ACT" in them, for ease of figuring out which furniture is from this mod.
         - Several items were fixed so that they fits in Starbound's grid.
         - Spooky Scarecrow (Formerly Scarecrow) has been given new art.
         - Silver Monkey (all variants) given darker coloring and better shading.
       - CLOTHING:
         - All clothing now has a tooltip, matching the type of clothing it is.
         - All clothing tooltips have "ACT" in them, for ease of figuring out which clothing is from this mod.
       - WEAPONS:
         - All weapons now have the tooltip "ACT Weapon", for ease of figuring out which weapons are from this mod.
         - All weapons no longer show their stats, but rather descriptions much like the old tooltips of early access.
         - All weapons rebalanced to be level 4, with two exceptions; ACT Broadsword (Level 7) and Junk Sword (Level 1).
         - ACT Broadsword is now bought, but only after unlocking the Baron and fixing your broken broadsword.
         - Catch-it-Cannons now add to your collection if you capture a unique monster that you did not have before.
         - Some weapons have received updated sprites.
           - Megashark
           - Soul Edge
           - Bladetongue
           - Kingdom Key
         - Most weapons can be upgraded in the Ancient Vaults at the Weapon Upgrade Anvil to level 6.
           - The ACT Broadsword can't be upgraded.
           - Weapons that do no damage, such as Catch-it-Cannons and Book Launcher, can't be upgraded.
         - New weapons:
           - Grass Blaster (like Farmer's Glory, but places grass)
           - Kingdom Key D
           - Oblivion
           - Oathkeeper
           - Keyblade of Heart
           - Ice Crasher
         - Several weapons get a new appearance when upgraded (More to come sometime)
           - Megashark
           - Multi-Flamethrower
           - MkI Manipulator Rifle
           - MkII Manipulator Rifle
           - MkIII Manipulator Rifle
           - The Ashbringer
           - Corrupted Ashbringer
             - Takes on the Fallen Hope Ashbringer appearance from World of Warcraft: Legion (First tint)
             - Renamed to "Fallen Hope Ashbringer"
             - Shadow Ashbringer no longer crafted
           - Soul Edge
           - Energy Chainsaw
           - Neon Fang
           - Legend Blade
           - Legend Stone Blade
           - Legend Blade?
           - Legend Blade? (stone version)
           - Erchius Saber
           - Glitch Surplus Sword
           - Ice Crasher (Changes name to Avalanche Blade)
         - Some weapons were removed.
           - Randomized Avian Weapons (Blasters, Pistols, Swords)
           - Portable Soul Thief
           - Master Brain Blaster
           - Calamari Shotgun
           - Metroid Swords (all four versions)
       - PETS:
         - All pet eggs now have the tooltip "ACT Pet Egg", for ease of figuring out which pet eggs are from this mod.
         - Critter styled pets (Everything before the Slime Eggs) are now Relocatable, not capturable.
         - All four Turtles are now known as Tortoise.
         - Some pets have received updated sprites.
           - Giant Tortoise
           - Golden Tortoise
           - Choco Tortoise
           - Shroom Tortoise
           - All Slimes, excluding cube, tiny, large, and rotten
           - Flying Eye
           - Lotus
         - Added fishing! These new fish can be found in the following biomes, and moved with the Relocator.
           - Ocean:
             - Bottle (Common, empty bottle)
             - Bunnyfish (Common, swimming rabbit)
             - Vetulicola (Common, yellow UFO fish)
             - Ainktozoon (Uncommon, blue shrimp thing)
             - Stethacanthus (Rare, shark with a funky dorsal fin)
           - Toxic:
             - Eye (Uncommon, medium-sized green eye)
           - Arctic:
             - Manipulatorfish (Uncommon, looks like a Matter Manipulator)
           - Magma:
             - Demonflame Magmalodon (Legendary, green version of Magmalodon)
       - VEHICLES:
         - All vehicles now have the tooltip "ACT Vehicles", for ease of figuring out which vehicles are from this mod.
         - The Hoverbike is as good as I'll get it. I can't change it anymore without ruining its look. Maybe I'll make a new one sometime.
       - MECHS:
         - All mechs now have the tooltip "ACT Mech Part", for ease of figuring out which mech parts are from this mod.
         - Added mech parts! You can purchase them from the ACT Catalog V for a hefty price!
           - Fatal Circuit Body
             - Art is a bit unfinished.
           - Fatal Circuit Arm
             - Fires out and acts like a boomerang.
           - Robotic Horn
             - Fatal Circuit's old idle sounds!
           - ACT Body
             - This was my favorite thing to sprite as of this update.
           - Megas Mech Body
             - Gotta find first gear in your giant robot car.
           - Manipulator Mech Arm
             - It's like a giant Matter Manipulator that you can dual wield!
           - Missile Drone Mech Arm
             - Accuracy is for chumps. One of them is bound to hit something!
           - Heavy Drone Mech Body
             - Know those annoying fat robots with the TV screen faces? Now you can ride one!
           - Seat Mech Body
             - Butt-powered mech with the comfiest cushion in the universe!
       - MISC:
         - All items not stated above also have "ACT" tags under their names now.
           - Every item in this mod is easily distinguished from other mods and vanilla assets now. Hooray!
         - Removed a lot of stuff, mostly due to depreciation.
           - Also because I did not approve of how bad they looked.
         Removed things:
           - Consumables
             - Seriously, what was even the point?
               - Related seeds and collectibles removed as well
             - Sprite Rips (Including Starbound ones)
             - Bottled Critters
             - Bottled Stuff (most)
             - M'iala Scimitar
             - Keyhole Sweater (It was poorly made)
             - Colony Deeds
             - Calcifer
             - Ice Sun
             - Trophy Skulls
             - Triforce (both)
             - Bloody Handprint
             - Halloween Paintings (Mountain, Red Moon, Eye)
             - Unexpected Painting
             - Samples (Rubium, Impervium, Tech)
             - Monster and Slime furniture sets (Holy hell were they bad)
             - Bazaar Teleporter (It's useless now, after all)
             - Mimic Pets (Cheap attempt at extra content)
             - Bunnygirl Tenants (May come back later)
       - KNOWN BUGS:
         - Opening the weapon catalog causes FPS to drop
           - No clue why. It's not any specific weapon causing this problem.
    I'm sure those of you downloading this will notice the incredible filesize drop, as well as hopefully read this changelog. Ever since Starbound released, I had slowly lost interest in making sprites and such for this mod. When I saw the mech update, I went back through my mod to look over the stuff I had done in the past, as I haven't touched the mod for a long while. When I looked over it, I thought to myself "This is full of garbage", and decided to prune it. Here's the rundown of what my thought process was like;

    - The Bazaar
    - The idea was lacking
    - The quests caused some problems (not entirely visible)
    - Its files were HUGE. Needlessly so.
    - I am not an interior decorator.
    - I still support the Lamia, and I will put them back in some way at some point. Nearly topless boobs and all.
    I had fun trying to make the Bazaar in the past, but quite frankly I'm no quest maker. So, the zone was a complete waste of time and resources.

    - Removed Items
    - The quality is lacking
    - I'm too lazy to remake them to not look so lacking
    - The consumables were essentially cheat items. Free healing without using materials? OKAY!
    - Some of these uglier items stayed because of nostalgia.
    I would say it was hard to decide what to keep and what to remove, but I'd be lying if I said that.

    The removed stuff IS archived, so I haven't completely deleted it. If I feel like it, I will add back stuff. This is just how I felt when deciding to change the mod around. My goal remains the same; various knick knacks to decorate your home/ship with. I just made sure to fix up what needed fixing, and removed what was clearly poorly done and did not spark interest in me to upgrade it.

    If you have any questions, comments, bug reports, or incredible hatred for my guts, post it all in the discussion forum;
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