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Assorted Crafting Things 1.3.1

Lots of things!

  1. Dumb Dumb Fix

    Howdy all, I made a seriously stupid mistake when uploading the 1.0 release version; I DIDN'T MAKE SURE IT WORKED ON LIVE. So, I fixed it this time. Plus, I added a few things as an apology of sorts. The full (short) changelog is as follows;

    - Fixed the player.config.patch to allow the Bazaar Teleporter to be crafted.
       - Sorry I didn't do this sooner, I'm an idiot!
    - Added one new pet to Ick at the Bazaar.
       - Lotus; A flying flower. Similar to a Metroid, but pretty.
    - Added a furniture item to Ick at the Bazaar.
       - Captive Metroid; don't want a pet? Make it a decoration!
    - Renamed Ick's pets and collars to be better sorted.
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