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Assorted Crafting Things 1.3.1

Lots of things!

  1. Massive December Update

       - ***IMPORTANT!*** If you used the previous unstable/nightly build from Halloween, you will need to remake your character(s) who used the Bazaar.
         - I've reworked the Bazaar drastically, and it messed up the S.A.I.L. if you started or completed the quest to visit the Bazaar.
         - Any quests from the previous build will not work, and will be stuck in your quest log.
         - I am sorry for any problems this has caused, and I will NOT make this mistake again.
       - Not everything is fully updated. Some weapons and furniture are still kind of dated. They will be updated next time.
       - Fixed several small bugs that were incredibly bad. The mod will work a lot better now!
       - Most images have been given MUCH smaller filesizes. The mod has LESS size, while having MORE content.
       - All items' prices adjusted.
       - Several items renamed. They had ridiculous named that really needed reworking. All changes will be noted below.
       - Several items removed. They were redundant or poorly done. I can do much better than that.
       - Several items moved to new crafting stations for better organization.
       - Monsters that were added since the last update now drop souls and brains, using the correct weapons of course.
       - Bunnygirl Tenants are back!
         - Requires 1 Door, 1 Light, and at least one placeable object from this mod.
         - Can spawn as Bunny dudes. I'm sure someone wants that, right?
         - Can spawn as any race besides Novakid.
       - Assorted Crafting Bazaar is now available!
         - Meet Ick, a giant ladybug who needs your help.
         - Meet Dugout, an alien mole who sells Action Figures.
         - Meet Bart, the alien...alien. He sells bottles and terrariums.
         - Meet Starkick and Kitter, two Penguins who are selling the ACT Hoverbike.
         - Repair your ACT Hoverbike here.
         - Meet the Stellar Serpentine Wares vendor and her assistant, who sell space-snake-stuff.
         - Meet the Glitch King, a knight who sells all the weapons from this mod.
         - Browse a shop of Matter Manipulators with various colors to choose from.
           - All manipulators sold work exactly like the final upgrade. Price is high for this reason.
       - ACT Bazaar Teleporter is now available.
         - Requires at least a Wooden Crafting Table to craft.
         - 10 Iron Bars required to craft it.
         - It's small, so it takes up almost no space.
       - Mystic Spinner is now the ACT Furniture Catalog.
         - Moved to the Assorted Crafting Bazaar. No longer crafted.
         - Weapons moved to Glitch King at the Assorted Crafting Bazaar.
         - Bottle items moved to Bart at the Assorted Crafting Bazaar.
         - No longer halloween themed.
         - Most things cost 100 pixels!
         - Plushies cost 50 pixels!
         - Colony Deeds cost 750 pixels, just like normal deeds.
         - Bazaar Teleporter costs 500 pixels!
         - Monster Teleporter costs 3000 pixels like other teleporters, just without the need of a core.
       - Bunnysuit Printer is now the ACT Costume Catalog.
         - Moved to the Assorted Crafting Bazaar. No longer crafted.
         - Only sells wearable items.
         - Everything only costs 10 pixels!
       - Pottery Spinner is now the ACT Art Catalog.
         - Moved to the Assorted Crafting Bazaar. No longer crafted.
         - Only sells non-smashable versions of pots, baskets, and other clutter from the universe.
         - Everything only costs 10 pixels!
       - Added the ACT Potion Catalog.
         - Found at the Assorted Crafting Bazaar.
         - Sells healing potions that heal faster than bandages and medkits.
       - Seed Processor renamed to Seed Fabricator.
         - Removed most seeds. They were crap.
         - Updated the Tentacle Seed's graphic. Man, why didn't you guys say it was so ugly? IT SUCKED.
         - Added new seeds and foods. They're cosmetic, grow slower, and can be eaten raw.
         - Sprite updated to not look so old.
       - Critters caught using the Animal Capture Net now come in Terrariums.
         - Sprites for Terrariums changed; bigger and look like they're in the background.
         - Only fish and some flying critters are animated.
       - Capsule Machines can be interacted with, and give an assortment of amusing prizes.
         - No actual items, just text.
         - 78 lines of content, split between all eight capsule machines.
       - Some costumes can be dyed! Right click the costume while holding dye to color it!
         - Bunnygirl set
         - Dog Collar
         - Keyhole Sweater
         - Tentagon Mask
       - Weapon qualities are all Rare (blue).
       - Weapon descriptions now show stats.
       - Weapon prices have been balanced.
       - Most weapons have had their appearances upgraded. Same weapons, just better art.
       - Few weapons have been entirely redesigned. The ones redesigned were ugly and needed it.
       - Mounted weapons are now crafted.
         - Place any vendor-bought weapon into the refinery to get a wall mounted version.
         - Place the wall mounted version to get the vendor-bought version back (will reroll stats).
    Bought from Vendor;
       - Broadswords now have alt abilities. Right Click to use them.
       - Broadswords now have randomized damage. They can be anywhere from Ferozium to beyond Impervium.
         - Silver weapons can randomly be clean or rusted in color.
       - Shortswords now have randomized damage. They can be anywhere from Ferozium to beyond Impervium.
         - Silver weapons can randomly be clean or rusted in color.
       - Pistols now have randomized damage. They can be anywhere from Ferozium to beyond Impervium.
       - Rifles now have randomized damage. They can be anywhere from Ferozium to beyond Impervium.
       - Rifles can be spawned with automatic fire or short 3-round bursts.
       - Master Brain Blaster has been severely weakened. It was too powerful.
       - Master Brain Blaster has been renamed "Lobotomizer".
         - All non-mechanical monsters drop brains, except for bosses and monsters that split.
       - Portable Soul Thief has been upgraded.
       - Portable Soul Thief has been renamed "Soul Extractor".
         - All non-mechanical monsters drop souls, except for bosses and monsters that split.
       - Lightsabers have been added to the arsenal.
         - One shortsword with many color/hilt combinations.
         - Four Broadswords; ACT Beamsaber, Lord's Beamsaber, Delin Lovesaber, Val Lovesaber.
       - New basic swords.
         - Junk Sword, a randomized broadsword that has a model based on the racial starting broadswords. 12 variants.
         - Ashbringer (Legion), a randomized broadsword that resembles a new form of the Ashbringer. Four random colors.
         - Star Wrath, the upgrade to Starfury. It shoots exploding stars.
         - World Ender, a massive sheathed sword.
         - Three swords from the manga series "Dragon Half"; Gilded Sword, Red Sword, God Slayer.
           - The first two did not have official names, and were only seen on covers. I just liked their looks.
    Crafted from Pets;
       - All weapons from pets have been updated with better art and stats.
       - Like weapons bought from the vendor, the stats are randomized.
       - Pets that did not have matching weapons now do.
       - One broadsword has been added that you need to hunt.
         - Art is a straightened version of the original sprite.
         - It's crafted at the Refinery from a biome-specific broadsword.
         - It has a wall-mounted version, and can be swapped back and forth like weapons bought from the vendor.
         - It's a simple design. I just chose to make it needlessly complex to acquire.
       - Souls have been reworked.
         - Three soul variants exist; Common, Greater, Grand.
         - Each soul heals a different amount.
       - Brains have been reworked.
         - Two brain variants exist; Brain, Inferior Brain.
         - Brains can be consumed raw for small health boosts.
         - Cooked Brains can be consumed for good health boosts.
       - Potions have been added.
         - Seven healing potions with varying intensities.
           - Prices are set to be easy to manage for early game players.
         - Immunity potion; Lava
           - Last 5 minutes, and provide total immunity to lava!
           - Was once Lava Antidote. Got a new sprite and name.
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