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Assorted Crafting Things 1.3.1

Lots of things!

  1. Halloween Mega Update

    This build is primarily aimed at the Unstable/Nightly branch, but it works on Stable.

    Today's update is a hefty one. I'm sure you'll notice quite a filesize increase, but that's because I've added some interesting new things!

    EDIT: Forgot to mention in the changelog, but for those who liked to use the Ghostflame pets, they now glow in the dark with their proper color. Green is green, purple is purple, and so on.

       - Mystic Spinner has a grotesque Halloween costume until Thanksgiving!
         - If you don't want the costume, I have a mirror link just for that.
       - All crafting stations have the new vendor interface.
       - A new dungeon has arrived! Check the Mystic Spinner for details.
       - Ick the Superbug offers a fun quest for some items, old and new. UNSTABLE/NIGHTLY FOR NOW.
       - Stellar Serpentine Wares has been removed from the Mystic Spinner.
       - Arts and Crafts of Starbound wasn't updated at all, so I incorporated it into this mod as the Pottery Spinner.
       - All items once again have a price. No need for silly crafting materials.
       - All items were set to either Uncommon or Legendary quality. No real reason.
       - Some items didn't show in the correct vendor. I've fixed that.
       - Some items have unique flavor text when inspected.
       - Dark Star Armor and Dragon Knight Armor are now vanity sets. Dark Star backpack still provides buffs.
       - Fixed storage count for Perfectly Generic Crate (was 9, now 64)
       - Fixed several items to be able to be mirrored when placed differently.
       - All weapons' damage rebalanced. Still trying to find a perfect balance of fair and fun.
       - Several weapons renamed.
         - All Catch-it-Cannons are now referred to as "Catch-It-Cannon".
         - Portable Soul Thief is now named correctly.
       - All mounted weapons are simply named after their original counterpart, and much cheaper.
       - More critters added by Chucklefish? More items to capture! Get that Animal Capture Net ready!
       - Most spawned pets can be turned into weapons. I'll leave it as a secret for those who want to find out.
       - Bunnygirl Tenants removed. I'll do it better another time.
       - Added LOTS of new items. I mean, that's what you've come to expect by now, I'd hope.
       - Ick the Superbug offers a short quest chain that requires gathering a large amount of materials. The end reward will blow you(r enemies) away.
       - If you aren't adverse to cheating, type "/spawnvehicle cworks_hoverbike" to play with my custom hoverbike.
         - This WILL be available properly when vehicles work properly.
    Mirror Link: https://madokami.com/1z9ovq.zip
    Original Mystic Spinner: https://madokami.com/bwrd6s.zip
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