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Assorted Crafting Things 1.3.1

Lots of things!

  1. Pleased Giraffe Stable Update!

    It's here, the latest stable update! You know what that means; updated mod time! This changelog is pretty huge this time, so I didn't put EVERY SINGLE THING down. Only the important stuff. Be sure to read the changes, as some things have been removed and changed for the sake of convenience.

    - Filesize reduction! Lots of depreciated files have been pruned out.
    - Added an Item List file. Use it as a check list, or as a cheat sheet for how to get some of the hidden items.
    - Mystic Spinning Wheel is now the Mystic Spinner. All items are now crafted through a more streamlined, customized, and organized crafting menu.
    - All handbooks are now gone. Items are "sold" at the new Mystic Spinner.
    - Crafting Recipes use a very small amount of materials now.
    - Bunnysuit Stall removed from Outpost. It's now crafted, and with a new look. Now named "Campworks Bunnysuit Vending Machine."
    - Bunnysuit items now available from the crafted Campworks Bunnysuit Vending Machine. No longer crafted at the Yarn Spinner.
    - Added some custom tennants! They don't do much, but they add flavor.
    - Entitled - At least one light, at least one door, and at least ten valuable items. (Altars, pots, etc)
    - Bunny - At least one light, aat least one door, at least one racial item (any race), and the Bunnysuit Vending Machine.
    - All items have a value of 0 now. No cheating for high amounts of pixels!
    - All pet spawning objects are now wall-mounted and smaller. No more giant statues.
    - Pink Fuzzy renamed to Pink Snoogle. It's in the base game now as a random critter, albeit less fuzzy.
    - Animal Capture Net now has a more critter-friendly use. Try it out!
    - Gave all crafted guns a new, more detailed icon.
    - All wall-mounted versions of weapons can now be crafted without having to first craft the weapon itself.
    - Merged my MAG items from a previous mod into this one. If you used that mod, you can safely delete it and retain any previously crafted MAG units.
    - Werewolf costume parts given new descriptions. Had some "unusual" comments, so I made sure to let it be known that it's a Halloween costume, not something sick.
    - Added the following items:
    - Way too many new things to simply list. Play and discover everything!
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