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Assorted Crafting Things 1.3.1

Lots of things!

  1. April Update 2015

    Hoo boy, do I have a lot of new things this time.

    Pets now spawn when you place the item down. It's no longer click to spawn. If you don't like the item models, then I apologize; I do plan to update their models to be more decoration-friendly at some point. Until then, enjoy having pets that act exactly like the new pets added with the Spirited Giraffe update!

    - Reorganized Spawners by order of creation. Personal preference.
    - Fixed the crops spawning infinite materials.
    - Pet AI is updated to match the game's latest version.
    - Pets now spawn with their spawning device. You need only place it down, and they will wander around. Remove the device to despawn them and relocate them.
    - Fixed the icon for Intricate Bamboo.
    - Fixed the Outpost to match the latest changes to it.
    - Added the following items;
    - Ashbringer
    - Cheese Viking Helmet
    - Corrupted Ashbringer
    - Dragon Knight Armor
    - Gaoru Doll
    - Ghost Flame Spawner (4 variations)
    - Healing Vaporizer
    - Hover Bot Spawner
    - Little Ghost Doll
    - Mecha Bunny Spawner
    - Monster Teleporter
    - Moth Child Spawner
    - Mysterious Red Candle
    - Nagan
    - Slime Bath
    - Slime Gelatin
    - Slime Hatch
    - Slime Lamp
    - Slime Support
    - Slime Toilet
    - Will of Darkness
    - Will of Red Darkness
    - Venus de Slime
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