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Assorted Crafting Things 1.3.1

Lots of things!

  1. Untitled Update

    Bing Bang Boom, more pointless stuff as well as bug fixes.

    - Cleaningbot and Repair Bot now don't care about you! They just roam around when summoned rather than run to you.
    - Fixed the Swarpion (spawned) to face the right direction when moving.
    - Fixed Princess Toadstool's Fireplace to show fire like I originally designed it to.
    - Fixed the Seed Processor's recipes. I forgot about them.
    - Crops added by this mod now regrow, so you don't need to replant them.
    - Added recipes for every form of crop found in the unmodded game.
    - Added the following crops;
    - Reed
    - Mushroom (does not require tilling)
    - Stone Sword (does not require tilling)
    - Added the following items;
    - Anchor Sword (Including mounted version)
    - Behemoth Plushie
    - Capsule Machine (8 color variants)
    - Curry
    - Monster Chest
    - Monster Door
    - Monster Fridge
    - Monster Lamp
    - Monster Stool
    - Monster Toilet
    - Nekopan
    - Rensouhou-chan (Small, Medium, and Large sizes)
    - Rensouhou-kun
    - Silver Monkey (3 parts, 3 possible creations)
    - Added the following spawnables;
    - Chicken
    - Dye Chicken (Spawns in random colors)
    - Robot Chicken
    - Spooky Ghost
    - Ugly Thing
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