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Assorted Crafting Things 1.3.1

Lots of things!

  1. Massive Update

    Oh boy, hold on to your butts! This one's a doozy.

    - Recipes are now unlocked via crafted handbooks. See README for what they unlock.
    - Changed the positioning of several furniture items so they fit on the amount of blocks they are meant to.
    - Changed some pet move speed to match their wild variants.
    - Poptop, Cleaningbot, Repairbot, Serpent Droid, Swarpion.
    - Fixed the various pets' frames. Some were blinking due to improper naming.
    - All light-producing items can now be safely placed in liquids.
    - Changed the graphic for the bottled objects.
    - Removed old versions of Bottled Eye, Bottled Flame, and Bottled Green Flame.
    - Edited Glitchsura so that his lights give off light from his hands, not his crotch.
    - Fixed the cover for the Medical Machine not showing.
    - Added the following items;
    - Handbooks that unlock crafting recipes
    - A.C.T. Weapons Handbook
    - A.C.T. Bottle Handbook
    - A.C.T. Starbound Handbook
    - A.C.T. Music Handbook
    - A.C.T. Furniture Handbook
    - A.C.T. Spawner Handbook
    - A.C.T. Bunnygirl Handbook
    - A.C.T. Costume Handbook
    - A.C.T. Attire Handbook
    - Master Brain Blaster (Plus a whole slew of brain drops!)
    - Cooked Brains (take the brains from Master Brain Blaster and put them on a campfire or in a microwave! 20 with different effects!)
    - Animal Capture Net
    - Ash Statue
    - Bottled Bottle
    - Bottled Blood
    - Bottled Blue Flame
    - Bottled Chuckles
    - Bottled Cosmos
    - Bottled Crab
    - Bottled Dark Matter
    - Bottled Erchius
    - Bottled Fairy
    - Bottled Floran Pod
    - Bottled Heart
    - Bottled Metroid
    - Bottled Penguin
    - Bottled Purple Flame
    - Bottled Skull
    - Bottled Sunken Ship
    - Bottled Tadpole
    - Bottled Tiy
    - Dark Matter Camp Fire
    - Demonstone
    - Depreciated Starfury
    - The Bittercup
    - Empty Stone Holder
    - Giant Lab
    - Golden Bunny Jar
    - Magicstone
    - Perfectly Generic Pet
    - Runestone
    - Soul Edge
    - Soul Edge Cleaver
    - Water Candle
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