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Assorted Crafting Things 1.3.1

Lots of things!

  1. Another update with mundane things

    - Edited the Readme to not be so freaking long.
    - Edited many items' rarity. Why? No reason.
    - Edited Dark Star's stats to not be ridiculous.
    - Slightly edited a few recipes. Things SHOULD be easier to craft.
    - Changed a few things around that you won't notice.
    - Added the following items;
    - Moontant Plush
    - Bottled Green Flame (new)
    - Bottled Flame (new)
    - Bottled Beetle
    - Bottled Bomb
    - Bottled Blue Fish
    - Bottled Green Fish
    - Bottled Eye (new)
    - Bottled Mouse
    - Bottled Pig
    - Bottled Planet
    - Bottled Xtermite
    - Naked Back
    - Enhanced Body Shape Support to the Bunnysuits
    - Extra Enhanced Body Shape Support to the Bunnysuits
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