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Assorted Crafting Things 1.3.1

Lots of things!

  1. A few additions to the family

    Added the following new things;

    - Micro Dimensional Locker (Working Name)
    - Avian Female Bunny Statue
    - White Bunny Ears
    - Red Bunny Ears
    - Dog Ears and Tail
    - Blue Bunnygirl Costume

    The Micro Dimensional Locker is a 1 block wall-mounted storage container. It's not a big one, but it's able to hold a bit more than some. They also stack close together.

    The Bunnysuit was given a makeover. Originally I just doodled and made what I had, but now it's got a much cleaner design. The old files still exist, but are not used right now. If there's enough dislike of the newer ones, I'll add back the old set.
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