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Assorted Crafting Things 1.3.1

Lots of things!

  1. Stable Update! Over 100 items added!

    Holy smokes, the update finally happened! As to not be slacking, I decided to update my main mod as well.

    - Added the following items:
    - Man's Best Friend
    - Little Ladybug
    - Pink Fuzzy
    - Rhinodillo
    - Chicken Hat
    - Seed Processor
    - Alien Fruit Seed
    - Bio Seed
    - Brain Seed
    - Dumb Brain Seed
    - Fossil Seed
    - Tentacle Seed
    - Bug Space Heater
    - Bunny Blade Poster
    - Cat Hero Greatsword
    - Blue Swimsuit
    - Hanging Maid Uniform
    - Rabina Hat
    - Alines Hat
    - Machina Wings
    - Prototype Catch-It-Cannon
    - Modern Catch-It-Cannon
    - Mounted Book Launcher
    - Mounted Catch-It Cannon
    - Mounted Money Shot
    - Mounted Mr Bones' Wild Gun
    - Mounted Scrap Cannon
    - Mounted Fel Flamethrower
    - Mounted Prototype Catch-It Cannon
    - Mounted Modern Catch-It Cannon
    - Green Lantern
    - Dark Star armor set
    - Avian Female Bunny Statue
    - White Bunny Spawner

    That's right, a spawner! Only a day into the update, and I made a pet you can spawn and capture! Remember, everything in this mod is crafted at the Mystic Spinning Wheel.
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