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Assorted Crafting Things 1.3.1

Lots of things!

  1. First update of 2015

    Big update for the file. Here's what's changed and new:

    1. Fixed some recipes showing up outside of the Mystic Spinning Wheel.
    2. Mystic Spinning Wheel has a new model. Now it's not a recolor of something else!
    3. Bunnysuit now crafted at Mystic Spinning Wheel. It was out of place.
    4. All items now have real crafting recipes, except for the Naked parts. I mean, how do you craft nudity? One pixel per part seems fair, though it makes you cheap.
    5. Removed Starfury because I was not satisfied with it.
    6. Fixed the Bonfire's sound effect. Really not sure why it did that ringing, since it was a carbon copy of the camp fire.
    7. Added the following items:
    - Penguin Statue
    - Penguin Water Cooler
    - Penguin TV
    - Hat Rock
    - Mutant Scientist Costume
    - Archaeologist's Table
    - Potted Eye Stalk
    - Dreadwing Battle Record
    - Lunar Base Record
    - Cygnus-X1 Record
    - Gravitational Collapse Record
    - Jupiter Record
    - Mira Record
    - Vast Immortal Suns Record
    - Perfectly Generic Crate
    - Deathicorn Action Figure
    - Uranium Torch
    - Plutonium Torch
    - Frozen Caveman
    - Werewolf Costume
    - Tentagon Masks (Blue, Red, Green, and Purple)
    - Red Bunnygirl Costume
    - White Bunnygirl costume
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