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Arsenalbound - Lastree race mod 1.42

Adds a humanity's guardian devil, the Lastree.

  1. 1.42 update

    - The outpost lastree shop, "Arms race" added.
    - Mag-rifles now fire homing missiles for alt-fire ability.
    - Merc Rifle series added. You can Buy them from the Arms Race.
    - Now you can buy lastree equipment recipe from the Arms Race.
    - Other minor changes....
  2. 1.41 hotfix

    - Drone hive recipe problem fixed.
  3. 1.4 Update - Drone warfare

    - New weapon system, Drone Hives(Manipulator tech) added
    - Other small changes...
  4. 1.33 update

    - Body and face texture update
    - Lastree console(furniture) added
    - Composite plate tile added
    - Mag-rifle's alt ability update
    - Other minor changes...
  5. 1.32 update

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  6. 1.31 update

    - item sprite changes.
    - NPC conversation about lastrees added (Thank you Bieszczadnik!)
  7. 1.3 Update

    - Mag weapons firing sound changed.
    - Mag-rifles alt fire skill is changed to the grenade launcher.
    - Cloudspear mech arm's effect is changed.
    - Lastree face is changed
    - Other small changes.
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  8. 1.222 mini update

    - Tenant bug fix
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  9. 1.221 update

    -Operator headset added
    -Small art revamps
  10. 1.22 update

    - Custom respawn animation added.
    - Operator outfit set added.
    - Other minor changes.
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