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Outdated ArmorView ALPHA 0.4

A quick and dirty program for previewing armor outside of the game! ALPHA RELEASE

  1. Dielji
    This is an early alpha release! It is by far incomplete, but it's reached a point of some usefulness, and I thought I'd put it out there for people to see. READ THIS THOROUGHLY, because it's not tremendously user-friendly at the moment... still faster than booting the whole game up every time you move a pixel, though :p


    This program will allow you to preview your armor without booting up the game, and allow you to view any changes you make pretty much on the fly. Right now, you can set up a dummy character as any of the six default races (or any custom races, with a little fiddling!), select armor for those races to wear, set the colors for each piece of armor, and pose or animate them in just about every available position (except holding weapons; that's coming up next!) While all this is happening, any changes made to the source artwork files will be made in ArmorView with a quick click of the Update Artwork button.

    There's no actual executable in this file, just Lua code that uses the Love2D game engine to run. If you are unfamiliar, Love2D is a nifty little framework for building 2D games and goodies and such. Download it at love2d.org, and feel free to look through my code, as well, if you'd like to see how things work... just don't judge me, it's really sloppy.

    To run ArmorView, extract the contents to a folder (preferably named ArmorView), then drag and drop that folder onto the love2d executable. If you have trouble, check the love2d wiki for more information on how this stuff works. It's not super complicated, just a little fiddly.

    First thing you will see is a crappy little button asking you to "Initialize ArmorView". Click on it, then browse to find the "main.lua" file in the folder you extracted everything to; this points the program at the correct location for finding the default humanoid spritesheets and other data which I've included with the program. It's a silly workaround for a file access problem, I'll fix it soon enough. After you've done that once, you should be set! Play around with the buttons, load armors, change colors, make a monkey jog in place, etc etc.

    The most recent directories and armors you choose to load are saved to your computer; on Windows 7, they should end up in:
    On other operating systems, check the love2d wiki to figure out where they are save to if you need to clear them or want to change them manually or something crazy like that. Choosing directories is another thing that's still fiddly and buggy sometimes, so please bear with me.

    In theory, you should be able to put a copy of your race mod in the "humanoid" folders, and the program should see it on startup. In theory. Don't shoot me if it doesn't work! I haven't actually tried it. Pay attention to where all the included race files are placed, because you need to do that with yours to make it work.

    * Better interface: control your character with your keyboard, and use better armor selection and file navigation!
    * Items: see how your fancy new armor looks holding your custom weapon, or wearing a backpack item!
    * Better character building: select hair and features, maybe even import your existing characters!
    * Change the background color! I keep forgetting about this one... should be easy to throw into the next release :p

    PLEASE let me know if you find bugs, give me error messages, tell me about things that aren't working, and I'll do my best to fix them!
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Do not include this mod in compilations.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Do not alter or redistribute the assets included in this mod.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Pixelguru26
    Version: 0.4
    I didn't manage to get it working when I downloaded this, but that led me on to actually look into Love2D, and I can't thank you enough for that. Great tool, got me into functional game development, I'd say you've earned your 6-star rating very well
  2. Standing_Tough
    Version: 0.4
    Man you NEED to keep working on this, its helping me so much with making my animated series.
    Thank you for making this.
  3. Josh_the_Misanthrope
    Version: 0.4
    This is helping me A LOT in designing equipment. Save much time vs. compiling and logging onto a character every minor adjustment.
  4. Mackinz
    Version: 0.4
    This tool is fantastic! Only problem is that development has seemed to stall. But it is perfectly useable and makes development of clothing and race mods that much easier!
  5. xyifer12
    Version: 0.4
    Seems to work well, but it says that my computer does not support shaders, even though i use shaders often.
  6. Motionless
    Version: 0.4
    Very rough state right now obviously, however this has soooo much potential and could be very useful to modders. This saves a lot of time, opposed to fiddling in game to check for graphical bugs. With a bit more work and polishing I would use this religiously.

    Please continue with this!
  7. Shadewarp
    Version: 0.1
    Wonderful tool! Thank you! Will make modding a lot easier! I can't however get the program to show my mods frontsleeve for some reason, the backsleeve shows fine ... any idea why ?
    1. Dielji
      Author's Response
      My bad! I broke it with the last thing I fixed :P Uploading an update now.