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Arm Cannons 1.0.1, Pleased Giraffe

Adds randomly generated, chargeable arm cannons to the game.

  1. Tiny fixes.

    This update is not critical.
    Fixes plasma drift projectile. The frames file was only looking at a 3x3 area of the 5x5 image.
    Also tiny fix to insanebarrage (the blue 30-shot charge attack with sparkles, one of my personal favoritesto finish enemies with since it doesn't clump the damage together on killing blows) so you don't see a tri-shot bullet image at the base of it.

    This is not a critical update, but I needed to fix just two tiny things I missed. Enjoy.
  2. Final Version, for now.

    Unless I missed something (bugs, obvious major balance problems, etc.)..
    Until more functionality is discovered or added to Starbound to get Arm Cannons closer to how I originally envisioned them..
    This should be the last update for a very long time.
    For what I have to work with, I'm happy with its current state.

    So here it is! Version 1.0 of Arm Cannons!

    • Colors adjusted for less variation at common tier, adding a few colors per tier. With the Crafted Arm Cannons having the...
  3. Arm Cannons are One-handed again.

    Arm cannons reverted to their 1-handed state.
    BaseDPS adjusted to match rocket launchers, but still fire at 1.5-3.5 rate, besides the charge attacks which are roughly triple damage over normal shots (so that should put them close to rocket launchers).
    Rocket launcher base DPS is between normal 2-hand gun DPS (7-10~ scaling) and 1-hand gun DPS (3-5~ scaling), this seems like a good spot, in theory, for the arm cannons...... Balance is a pain sometimes.
  4. Enhanced handling, reverted to two-handed, tweaks to ammo, a couple of gun parts.

    • Made some changes to make Arm Cannons feel more like they should:
      • Reverted them to two-handed (may add back in 1-handed versions after 1.0, there's a lot that would have to be done for this).
      • Removed the code that was forcing you to walk when firing/charging an Arm Cannon.
      • Increased base DPS. (More total DPS).
      • Lowered attack speed from 2-6 to 1.5-3.5. (More damage per hit at lower speeds. Any faster than 3.0 will be better for spamming, any slower will be better...
  5. An image name didn't save, this fixes that.

    Okay. Hopefully this is the last of it. Not sure how that happened, seeing as I renamed this particular file first in a set of three.
    ...Good luck, have fun!

    (In hindsight, I probably should have tested more thoroughly first, but I made the changes at work between tasks. >.<)
  6. Fixed a missing comma.

    Yup, a comma was missing. Should be working now.
    If anything else is broken I'll patch it up asap, so just let me know.

    Have fun!
  7. Fixed spawning, dps, ammo tweaks. Pleased Giraffe compatible.

    • No longer has bouncing plasma or "plasma4".
    • No longer has crystalswooshX or wildorbX for charge shots.
    • Legendary Arm Cannons removed to match with vanilla (There are no longer legendary gun loot tables at all. So there's that.)
    • Legendary ammo combinations moved into uncommon and rare Arm Cannons.
    • "xarmcannon" (random crafted ones, from the Replicator table) gun type now named "Crafted Arm Cannon" to further differentiate them.
    • Many projectiles have increased...
  8. Swaps the name generator to Pleased Giraffe style.

    Not much else, just changing the name generator for arm cannons to the style they are in the upcoming official patch. Left in most of the old names as well, though reformatted them.

    Added "Divine " and "Lunar " prefixes, just because.
    Deleted the "Name's " prefixes.

    Everything seems to be working on unstable and stable at the moment, next update basically MUST have two more charge shots and I finally have ideas. But they may require unstable traits, as such another real update probably...
  9. An Update! No more borrowed projectiles!

    A lot of existing arm cannons will no longer work, this is part of the development process and I can't really prevent it. Just /spawngun any needed replacements. :p

    I had several projectiles only slightly modified from the long since abandoned MMN's gun mod. Those are now heavily altered with my own sprite-work. So there should no longer be any files directly from any other mod. Though there are still some modified vanilla projectiles, and the guns still use a lot of vanilla projectiles for...
  10. Light Cannon.

    Added a new legendary pair of shots: a fast light bolt and a triple light blob charge attack, cooler than it sounds.

    Fixed the light color on one portion of the shadow cannon.

    Moved the double shuriken to pair with shadow cannon as a legendary pair.
    Moved sticky plasma to pair with wildorbX for now (the leaf ball that spews leaf blades).