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Outdated Argonian Race v0.4d - ENRAGED KOALA

Fans of Elder Scrolls and lizards take to the stars!

  1. Sabboth
    Sabboth's Argonian Race Mod
    Version 0.4d - Enraged Koala

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    Nexus Mods Entry Page


    Xander Kau's Extended Character Creation Mod


    Needed for step 2!

    Awesome videos by Xtomass, TheGullOfDoom, and Starbretheren!

    Have you ever wanted to merge your love of space and everyone's obviously omnipresent infatuation with the Elder Scrolls series? Do you also love lizards and/or person sized lizards? You don- Of course you do!

    Would this convince you?

    What about this one?

    Well if you're convinced (who wouldn't be) then a simple download of this mod and a few simple steps will have you on your way. But first, a preface.

    The Story:
    As a lone Argonian, you awake in small metal room with only the memory of your name and not much else. You know you are far from Tamriel, and maybe even Nirn, given the distinct lack of the Hist's presence in your mind, and an even more ominous absence of Magicka. Feeling trapped and alone in the silence of it all save a faint hum, you notice a small surface light up with the words "beam to surface".



    Step 1)
    This mod requires very little work! Simply drop the top level contents of the zip file directly into your steamapps/common/starbound/mods folder, and that's it.

    Currently, the character creation interface for this mod is configured to use Xander Kau's Simple Extended Character Mod. Install his mod or the game won't start!

    Step 3)
    That's all folks! Since the Angry Koala update, mod support has been increased and multiple race mods should play nice together if they are up to date. Simply install other races per their instructions and enjoy, they will fill the empty slots.


    • Sabboth Ochoa - CopyCatastrophe - Coding, Spriting, Writing, Concept - Steam
    • April Smith - FireWinged - Spriting, Writing, Concept - Steam


    What's Done:
    • Fully animated tails!
    • 16 colors (same for scales, belly, and feathers)
    • 41 horn/feather styles
    • Custom namegen.
    • Some simple texts for the tutorial and beginning codex entries.
    • Custom Descriptions for all Avian, Floran, Apex, Boss, and Farmable objects.
    • Custom ship (small ship will return in the future)
    • Tier 1-3 armor and weapons, including starter.
    • Default clothing for crafting and character creation.
    • Certain lusty clothing.
    • Custom respawn animation! (Featuring the Hist Tree!)
    • Some preliminary furniture made from a temp crafting table.
    • Custom villager dialogue when speaking to NPCs.
    To Do:
    • Custom intro cinematic once cinematics are enabled (No sense having it now when not all cinematics are finished for vanilla races)
    • Tier 4-10 armors and weapons!
    • Custom themed objects.
    • Larger ships once ship upgrades are available!
    • Dungeons and villages.
    • Books and lore.
    The Elder Scrolls and all related content are rights to Bethesda Softworks and Zenimax Media.

    Thank you for any and all interest in my mod!


    Featured in:

    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Do not include this mod in compilations.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. Crusism
    Version: v0.4d - ENRAGED KOALA
    I really wish someone updated this mod for 1.0. I really miss it and I think others would love this mod as well. T_T
  2. shaun4519
    Version: v0.4d - ENRAGED KOALA
    I'd love if this got updated, someone should make an update to this mod
  3. Zefnoly
    Version: v0.4d - ENRAGED KOALA
    Love The Argonian Race. Have only played with that race on skyrim. Love that you have all the different colors that skyrim did not have. Needed a mod in skyrim for blue colors (my favorite). But are you working to update it with the newest Christmas update?
  4. Keppabar
    Version: v0.4d - ENRAGED KOALA
    Nice mod so far, few problems with the argonian furnature not actually being interactable atm. Will definitely be watching for updates.
  5. Drako98
    Version: v0.4d - ENRAGED KOALA
    Amazing! Now we just need NPC's making arrow in the knee jokes...
  6. Thehelloguy
    Version: v0.4d - ENRAGED KOALA
    Epic!! A must for Skyrim fans!
  7. PrivateDoomsday
    Version: v0.4d - ENRAGED KOALA
    This looks awesome; thanks for sharing!
  8. twistedcarbine
    Version: v0.4d - ENRAGED KOALA
    Awesome Mod! one small/irritating issue.. i cannot sleep on the argonian beds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. shake31
    Version: v0.4d - ENRAGED KOALA
    The best mod race I've seen so far, the creator really put effort in it!
  10. raddra
    Version: v0.4d - ENRAGED KOALA
    This is an amazing mod!