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Argonian Race Redux

Argonians return for Starbound 1.0.

  1. Codex fix for vanilla UI users

    • Change to codex loading. 100% vanilla users should no longer have their codex screen broken due to missing Extended GUI/Many Tabs codex images.
  2. Bug fixes and lizard pet

    • Added custom lizard ship pet, currently spawns in either tan, green, or reddish colors.
      • May only appear for new characters. May have to use save editing or the below to force it to change.
      • If dislike lizard or just want a different one, use '/entityeval object.smash()' command with cursor over sail, then '/spawnitem argoniantechstation', replacing argonian with intended race pet.
      • If you see your pet turn into a giant letter, please inform me as it means I'm...
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  3. Minor codex stuff

    • Some minor codex changes to prevent text leaving window on vanilla codex files.
    • Now supports V6's Many Tabs mod when using the supplemental codex mod.
    • Added two small Argonian codex books.
  4. Spacefarer mechs update support

    • Added mech teleport cinematic to support 1.3 update changes.
    • Added bald/no horns hairstyle for both sexes.
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  5. New furniture and some bug fixes

    • Added new furniture items:
    • Argonian Carved Totem
    • Crocodile Totem
    • Argonian mortar and pestle
    • Bark Sign
    • Merchant Kiosk
    • Argonian Pot
    • Marsh Basket
    • Marsh Bone Table
    • Argonian Well Cover
    • Large Green Banner
    • Large Tan Banner
    • Updated some UI resources to reflect new head look.
    • Fixed Black Swamp to Black Marsh in race description.
    • Fixed syntax issue in ship files. (Thanks pC)...
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  6. New heads and some fixes

    • Adjusted head sprite with more visible eyes and subtle sex dimorphism. (Hate the new heads? Old available here)
    • Added Argonian wandering merchants.
    • Added new furniture items: Small Snakeskin Banner, Marsh Thatch Door, Guar Skin Drum, Small Marsh Chest
    • Fixed male argonian NPCs using female greet sound.
    • Fixed hurt sounds using wrong file extension and not playing....
  7. Horns, Names, and Daggers.

    • Added 15 new horn styles and limited some hornstyles to specific sexes (males have larger and more profound horns, females more gentle and jeweled horns). Will not affect existing characters.
    • Added gender seperate namegen files using Jel names.
    • Fixed ship AI terminal not animating SAIL.
    • Changed how Argonian weapons rotate to prevent loss of quality in sprites.
    • Fixed daggers.
    • Added a craftable head-jewel.
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  8. Some crafting fixes

    • Fixed marsh and ash bed crash.
    • Fixed not receiving some armor/weapon recipes.
    • Made argonian bench two-seatable.
    • Added and adjusted recipe requirements for some items.
    • Adjusted weapon and armor rarities and prices.
    • Added tabs to Argonian Crafting Table interface.
    • Minor text fixes and item adjustments.
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