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Outdated Arcane Add On 1.9.02 DROPBOX

Interesting Tiered Magic, Balanced for the Game.

  1. Fixed more bugs, new recipes, codexs (sort of) and summons

    Hi everyone, so I got summon guard and greater guard working. However do not spawn on ship, and ensure you kill your guard before you leave the planet else weird things might happen.

    New recipes to inspire adventure have been updated.

    I have two codex's written but for some reason they do not work... working on that tomorrow.

    Fixed regeneration and greater haste hopefully permanently. A bit of a rushed update, but more coming tomorrow and Sunday.
  2. Balanced damage as you level, now you can press F, and more

    So I made it a nice equation to increase damage as you level. It's been tested and works quite well.

    I have added the function to either press F or right click to enter casting mode.

    Fixed Heal spell and black hole.

    Minor performance fixes.

    Next update should be bigger, with codexs and such unless more bugs pop up.

    New animations and such will not appear until after main character wipe as adding animations seems to destroy the player file.

    Thank you for all your feedback and support....
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  3. Fixed some introductory lag issues

    Hi everyone I fixed some of the intro lag issues people have been experiencing. This should fix it for sure.

    It is still bound for right click to enter casting mode. If you wish to change see discussion page.
  4. Updated loading the spell level on init rather than after clicking

    Some grammatical fixes as well with descriptions.
  5. Fixed Fireball and all spells showing no matter your spell level

    Fixed Fireball and all spells showing no matter your spell level. Keep bug reports coming.
  6. Magi Tech and More Angry Koala

    Huge update here. This is when I introduce to you all magiTech. This was born of a need to create summoning spells and me wanting to spice up how combat is done in Starbound. I hope with everyone's input and feedback we can make this an awesome new style of combat.

    So first, I have still kept all the old guns and moved them to the Tabula Rasa if you still wish to use them. I will update them for balance and such as I update the magiTech. However the magiTech is the main focus as I can do...
  7. Fixed some icons

    Just a minor Icon fix, nothing game changing.
  8. Evocation and Buff spells Complete

    So Disintegrate and Meteor Swarm are two high level damage spells.

    Meteor swarm does massive damage to environment, to prevent griefers go into

    magic/10/projectiles/meteorspell.config at the bottom is explosion damage and radius you can turn those down (suggest 0.01 for damage) to prevent griefing.

    Disintegrate spawns lava on the target so be warned it can also be used to kill players.
  9. Tier 8 and some fixes

    So revamped Black Hole to be slow and well, can hit multiple enemies. It's kind of fun. Added in the Tier 8 spells Circle of Fire (More like EXPLOSIONS) and Heroism (provides many buffs).

    For the sake of not creating new characters as that seems to be a necessity every time I put out these spells, the Tier 8 spells are also on the Tabula Rasa.

    Ideally I will have all the spells done for the big character wipe and we can all have a blast playing fresh balanced spell casters.
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  10. Added Tier 7 Spells

    So got the Tier 7 in and tested, I love this tier as I felt that at this point in the game it's time for magic to be a bit more crazy. The Jump and Chain lightning are very fun.