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Outdated Arcane Add On 1.9.02 DROPBOX

Interesting Tiered Magic, Balanced for the Game.

  1. Well, buff mobs should not spawn on planets now...Sorry so quick of updates!

    So, another reported bug is I forgot to make my buff mobs not spawn. So a night of stars and arcane eyes flying around happened.... yeah thats awkward and massive amounts of damage everywhere.

  2. Fixed the damage of players, and mobs with summons.

    So Arcane eye and buff spells did damage. Which was not good. Good news though is that thanks to you guys I figured away around that. Believe it or not you can do -1 damage and it won't register as damage, pretty sweet eh?

    Also note if you have the blood mod on, it will show the invisible buff npc dieing when you cast a buff spell. I have yet to get gas projectiles to properly effect players but once I get that you won't see it anymore.
  3. Fixed Spellbook 7 and 9 recipe, lowered cost of obsidian on enchanting table.

    Minor fixes, found out there is a 8 item limit in the recipes today. Thank you for the bug reports!
  4. Tabula Rasa Support, Trimmed Fat, Removed Liquid Config and fixed Codex

    Fixed the conflict things, and then restructured files to work better. Also somehow lost tabula rasa support now back in there.
  5. Fixed all reported bugs, Tabula Rasa support, removed old projectiles.

    So this update fixes all the reported bugs, updates for the newest patch. I removed the old projectile system, because it seemed to confuse some of the players. It has been unanimous in all my conversations that the magiTech system is superior.
  6. Fully Tabula Rasa Compatible

    As requested, prior to the major character wipe, this mod has been made 100% tabula rasa compatible. As a result, you don't need to make new characters or re-learn the star maps in order to gain access to the recipes.

    Also fixed the ingredients for one of the recipes.
  7. Done, now just bugs and balance. Maybe some more shiny things.

    I have achieved my original vision of the mod, and what I wanted to add to Starbound. I hope everyone enjoys the mod, and I promise I will update it as quickly as possible when the big Starbound patch comes out.

    The spell Arcane Eye and Summon Star can be cast in walls, to light up the area. It'll help you find some more.

    Arcane Eye will make enemies glow, and be a light for you. Star will keep you safe and deal damage to enemies.

    As always feedback is needed for me to make this the...
  8. 3 new codex's! Play around with the Dragon he hurts you! More bugs fixed.

    So lots of bug fixes, last on my list is the intro lag when casting buff/heal. The mob not actually showing (maybe I should see if invisible status effect works?).

    I had summon steed (which was the mech) somewhat working. But I felt that it didn't fit any purpose of the game. Magic is about empowering and controlling, there are plenty of other mods that have different movement mechanics.

    So I came up with Arcane Eye. You will be able to hover your mouse over blocks and light the area....
  9. NO MORE LIQUIDS! Small other fixes!

    I managed to get around the liquid issue. If you are using the magiTech feel free to delete the liquid.config it no longer is necessary. This means this mod will no longer conflict with any other mod. YAY!

    Currently when you cast a heal or buff spell a flying enemy will spawn for just a moment then die. I am using it to cast the spells on all the players (since projectiles from an enemy ID can affect players I can use status effects) . Eventually I'm hoping to make it a fairy and some...
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  10. You can mine with the tech and it not hurt your ears, Codexs work, animations and more...


    Had to change some file structure things, so if you do not delete there will be duplicate errors.

    Codex's work now (THANK YOU HalcyonXIII), and you can see the summon spells when you activate them.

    Casting mode will no longer activate unless you have your spell book in hand. This is to help with mining and other right click accidents.

    Also fixed...