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Outdated Arcane Add On 1.9.02 DROPBOX

Interesting Tiered Magic, Balanced for the Game.

  1. 3 new codex's! Play around with the Dragon he hurts you! More bugs fixed.

    So lots of bug fixes, last on my list is the intro lag when casting buff/heal. The mob not actually showing (maybe I should see if invisible status effect works?).

    I had summon steed (which was the mech) somewhat working. But I felt that it didn't fit any purpose of the game. Magic is about empowering and controlling, there are plenty of other mods that have different movement mechanics.

    So I came up with Arcane Eye. You will be able to hover your mouse over blocks and light the area. This is proven to be a challenge and just when I thought I overcame it I'm back at the drawing board. But no worries I will figure it out.

    Up to Level 5 codex's written. I hope everyone enjoys the poetry.
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