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AnTiVegetation - Extended plant parts 2.4

More variation for generated plants and farmables.

  1. Annuschka
    Author: Annuschka (aka AnTi)
    Version: Starbound 1.0

    Steam Workshop link

    This mod aims to expand the variatons for plants. Right now it does not add "new" plants, but adds additioral frames and alternatives to existing plants:

    Many farmables will now have 2 additional frames for each growth stage 0 and 1. So they don't look all the same anymore, when planted.
    Automato, Avesmingo, Banana, Beakseed, Boltbulb, Boneboo, Carrot, Chilli, Corn, Cotton, Dirturchin, Flower blue red yellow (4+4 added frames), Mushroom, Pearlpea, Potato, Pussplum, Reefpod, Rice, Sugarcane, Tomato, Toxictop, Wartweed, Wheed

    - 4 instead of 2 Bases
    - 8 instead of 2 Middle parts (2 new stems + alternative foliage for all 4 stems)
    - 3 instead of 2 End parts
    - foliages for those vines
    - 1 new foliage anti_stringy for default forest vines
    alpine, bluevein, colourful, dark, desert, eyevein, mushroom, root1&2&3, snowy, sulphur, tar, vein, vine1-4, wilderness

    19 new grass tiles for different Biomes.

    new-vines.png Vegetation1-0.jpg Stringy_Vines.JPG

    Compatibility: I use prefixing and append when ever possible. This mod does adds to the biome for the vine foliage list. Obviously it does overwrite the farmable pngs.
    To see new vines&grass a fresh new planet is needed.

    Installation: Open the package and drag and drop the folder AnTiVegetation into you folder "mods". Or just subscribe in the Steam Workshop (recommended!).
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.
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Recent Updates

  1. Small bug fix
  2. Bugfix and Grass
  3. Port to 1.0 plus new assets.

Recent Reviews

  1. GoldenstarArtist
    Version: 2.4
    Beautiful Improvements! Hope to see more!
  2. Anchor
    Version: 1.1 | Furious Koala
    Looks great
  3. mummia
    Version: 1.0
    This is nice