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AnTiHair - Big Bag of Long Hairstyles 2.3

... and a few short ones, too. 275 new styles!

  1. Angry Koala Update, Changes to zip, new merge feature

    This update adds no new hair.

    With the new Angry Koala Update comes a new "merge" feature that combines modded files automatically. However there is an issue with nested arrays wich affects exactly the hair data. That's why the new merge feature is only "halfway" implemented.
    What does it mean? This mod is now compatible with mods that use the .species files,...
  2. Hair Accessories quick update - Human and Avian

    I've been a bit busy making graphics for my AnTiMonster mod and for Industrialization (they are not implemented yet). Check them out if you like my art *shamelessadvertisinglalala*

    But here is a quick litte update that features hair styles with stuff in it! Just for Humans and...
  3. Cover your eyes update

    This update adds 16 new hairstyles that more or less cover the eyes. Except the Avian.

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  4. 7 new Hairstyles, 2 changed, Custom Decoration color for humans

    - Human Hair uses now Underware Color for Decoration (added "altOptionAsHairColor" : true, to human.species)
    - changed anti_mhuman02 and added a variation anti_mhuman02b
    - 2 new Hairstyles Human Male
    - 2 new Hairstyles Human Female
    - 2 new Hairstyles Floran
    - anti_floran01 changed: uses now Flower Color

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