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AnTiHair - Big Bag of Long Hairstyles 2.3

... and a few short ones, too. 275 new styles!

  1. Beard Pack

    36 new asses with a beard theme (all male only). For Apex and Avian they are separate from hairstyles. For Glitch, Floran, Hylotl they are fixed to hairstyle. Novakid is mixed. Refer to the overview image.
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    I had a bunch of old Novakid stuff lying around and thanks to [productplacement]Aseprite[/productplacement] it was a breeze to port them over to Starbound 1.0
    It took a lot longer to screenshot every one of the 14 female, 7 male and 13 unisex hairstyles + 20 brands. And in the end the shots even turned out to be terrible jpg quality :wut:
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  3. Apex Accessories Colors are back

    They are still bound to the fur color. They append to fur 0 - 17, so they should be compatible with other mods that manipulate fur color. Any mods that lead to more than 18 colors will display hair decorations as red on them.
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  4. Update

    Test upload:
    Steam Workshop & .patch system

    Seems to work so far.
    Missing: Colorizable hair acessoiries for Apex
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  5. Update for Furious Koala

    Should work for Furious Koala Update.

    I checked all the .species files, nothing new was added in the original Starbound.
    So the only thing I changed was the .modinfo.

    Also, the hairmods are still incompatible right now, it seems. And packaging mods into .pak files isn't implemented yet, too. I guess.
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  6. No update, just download location change

    No need to download, if you already have the last version.

    I removed the preview images from the package. Now it's half the size and the on-page upload is working again!
    I hope this works now... It did not, so I try again with version number, maybe now?

    Finally! Now I just need to figure out how to change the icon...
  7. Apex Colors, Beards and Tentacles!

    APEX COLORS!!!!11!!1

    It was bothering me for a while that the apex have no color for "hair decoration", and then, on the edge of sleep at 2am I had a splendid idea! Each body color has now an individual deco color tied to it directly. So, as you swap through Fur Color you will also colorize hair accessoires. (The downside is: It's fixed, no way to have this hair color with that deco color). They are picked from the Apex clothes scheme. Color Overview is below.
    Since I had to overwrite the...
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  8. Historic Update! 18 new hairstyles + one beard...

    To celebrate 1.000 downloads - thank you - here comes an historic(al) update that adds 10 hairstyles inspired by history and 8 requests/suggestions. And one beard!


    Every race, except the poor glitches, get a "female" and "male" (although floran, avian and hylotl ones are unisex for both genders) style:

    • Human female: Biedermeier with spiral curls - 1815 to 1848 Germany
    • Human male: Suebian Knot /...
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  9. Minor fixes, no new hair, metadata

    This update does not add new hair.

    But I have reviewed all of my existing hairstyles and made a lot of minor changes.
    Usually this was just pushing one or two pixels around (most of the early male styles). But some hairstyles where too similar, so I made a few "visible" changes, too (Hylotl).

    I also added metadata to the .modinfo file. So, if you want to know wich version you have, just open it with any text editor.

    You can skip this update if you want, I'll put together some new hair soon.
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  10. Requests - Spikes'n'Mohawks

    Kbcamaster requested "A tall mohawk with a long braid on the side" and
    lavajci requested "hairstyle that is straight in the front, spiky in the back"

    So I made 18 ( one copied for male and female) hairstyles. One spiky and one mohawky for each race (races with two genders (apex and human) get 2 new for each gender). Humans have...
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