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AnTiHair - Big Bag of Long Hairstyles 2.3

... and a few short ones, too. 275 new styles!

  1. Historic Update! 18 new hairstyles + one beard...

    To celebrate 1.000 downloads - thank you - here comes an historic(al) update that adds 10 hairstyles inspired by history and 8 requests/suggestions. And one beard!


    Every race, except the poor glitches, get a "female" and "male" (although floran, avian and hylotl ones are unisex for both genders) style:

    • Human female: Biedermeier with spiral curls - 1815 to 1848 Germany
    • Human male: Suebian Knot / Suebenknoten - 100~300 CE Germany
    • Hylotl fancy: Chinese hair loops, I couldn't find the name or date...
    • Hylotl plain: Ammonite fossil - 400~66 Million years ago
    • Apex female: Roman hairstyle from the Flavian period ~ 80 AD
    • Apex male: Babylonian/Akkadian/Sumerian (I'm not sure) + beard! ~ 2000 BC, Mesopotamia
    • Floran 1: Ginkgo leaf: 200 million years ago
    • Floran 2: native/tribal undercut, it's no specific tribe and actually quite common - Borneo, Malaysia, some north&south american tribes
    • Avian fancy: Eqypt e.g. worn by Nefertari ~ 1250 BC
    • Avian plain: Archaeopterix tail - 150 Million years ago

    And the other 8 styles are suggestions by Vegetable Lamb and Otchey

    For some reason I cant upload directly. I hope it works with external link, too...

    Screenshots are made with some Custom Colors
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