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AnTiHair - Big Bag of Long Hairstyles 2.3

... and a few short ones, too. 275 new styles!

  1. Annuschka
    Compatible with Release 1.0
    by AnTi/Annuschka

    Steam Workshop Link

    This mod adds 275 new hair styles for all races. A lot of them are long (especially for the males) and most of the human male styles have beards too. Human and Apex have different styles for the genders (with a few shared), all other races are unisex (except for beard themed assets introduced in 2.3).

    Version 2.2: Novakids have 13 unisex, 14 female, 7 male, plus 20 new brands.

    Version 2.0: Update for Steam Workshop, for Starbound 1.0 and for the .patch and .pack systems. So far it seems to work again. V 2.1 reintroduces the Apex hair accessories colors:

    Version 1.8 adds changing colors for Apex hair accessories! They are tied to the fur color, however.
    Refer to the overview images for further detail.

    overview1-2.jpg overview1-3.jpg overview1-5.png overview1-7.png overview1-8.png apexcolor.png overview2-2.jpg

    Recommended way: Subscribe to steam workshop. or...
    1. Download the latest version
    2. Move AnTiHair.pak to Starbound/mods


    AnTiHair 1.5 is part of the Community Hairstyles Pack

    With the patch-system it should work with other mods, I didn't test it yet though.

    I did not test the hairstyles with hats and helmets and so on. There is probably strange clipping with the very voluminous styles.

    "Custom Colors" Support:
    [May be out of date...]
    AnTiHair and CustomColors are now completely compatible, no additional files needed. Just download and install both.

    Also tested with FloranSchemeMix. I even tested AnTiHair, FloranColors and SchmeMix all together and everything is smooth.

    Redistribution / Assets:
    Adding to Mod Packs is allowed. You can also use assets in your own mod BUT don't pass them off as your own: e.g. link back to me.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

Recent Updates

  1. Beard Pack
  3. Apex Accessories Colors are back

Recent Reviews

  1. Ashtar084
    Version: 2.3
    update for 1.4 please :)
  2. Kokito
    Version: 2.3
  3. TheTimeWulf
    Version: 2.3
    As someone with hair that used to be down to my thighs, this is a Godsend for all the characters I want to look eerily like a past version of me :3
  4. Utkudakid
    Version: 2.3
    I can have a mustache whisker hylo-dude now!And yay,more beards!
  5. qualiyah
    Version: 2.3
    Works great now for 1.0, and I'm really enjoying the greater choice at character generation and the greater variety of hairstyles on my villagers and NPCs. Lovely art!
  6. toby109tt
    Version: 1.9 | Furious Koala
  7. Shard of Sorrow
    Shard of Sorrow
    Version: 1.9 | Furious Koala
    Tons of amazing new hairstyles that fit into the game nicely.
  8. MrNoobMan
    Version: 1.9 | Furious Koala
    An awesome variety of hairstyles. My fav is hylotl #15, use it all the time :3
    The only problems I've found is that some hats mess up the big hairs and I cannot load this mod using the manager (might just be me)
  9. Rune the Red Panda
    Rune the Red Panda
    Version: 1.9 | Furious Koala
    Good but needs an updert
  10. DrunkenPirate
    Version: 1.9 | Furious Koala
    A lot of work as always deserve a lot of positive ratings. More customization options are always for good.