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Outdated Antidote 1.01

Prevents statuspods from causing insane damage on poison

  1. Sieve
    Fixes the grey buff/de-buff pods from insta-killing/causing insane damage

    The problem here was that the poison clouds that are generated cause damage but don't give invulnerability.
    Since many of them were spawned, and they were all hitting for 50 armor-ignoring damage, they killed very quickly and was frankly dumb.

    Worth noting, the poison cloud is functionally identical to the fire explosion now

    Mirror for anyone that needs it:

    Installation Instructions:
    Simply unzip into your "/Starbound/mods" folder
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  1. Update for .modinfo system.

Recent Reviews

  1. Archer
    Version: 1.0
    Great job, was waiting for a fix like this!