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Another Character Creation Menu 1.4 For Starbound 1.0

Character creation menu with custom race support.

  1. HitchhikerBros
    Version: Furious Koala
    Very well put together, essential for modders.
  2. lexietanium
    Version: Furious Koala
    I really love how clean and organize this one is compared to the other ones as well =) good job sir!
  3. Squaff
    Version: Furious Koala
    I really enjoy the look of this mod over similar ones. in my next update, my mod will be linking back to this one for people. Wont be setting this as a dependency though. It's better to keep dependencies open so races can be used with any extended character creation mod.
    1. Motionless
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the tip! Didn't know it would work without it. I Removed those extra instructions.