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Outdated Anime/Manga/Video Game Pack 1.8

Brings various accessories in from iconic (and not-so iconic) franchises!

  1. 23 new items + pet bellsprout

    Nearly done with v2, figure it's time I give you guys another peek.

    This update adds:

    - Pet Bellsprout (has to be spawned through /admin command)
    ( /spawnmonster petbellsprout )
    - Mask of Truth
    - Bunny Hood
    - Viewtiful Joe Helmet
    - Alucard's Hat
    -Alucard's Casull and Jackal (Guns)
    - Yusuke Urameshi's Hair
    - Super Saiyan Goku Hair
    - Super Sonic Mask
    - Red's Hat (Pokemon)
    - Kaneki's Mask (Tokyo Ghoul)
    - Dr. Gero's Hat
    - Dr. Gero's Glass Brain Cap
    - Trunks'...​
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  2. All items will show up on yarn spinner by default, fixed desian helmet error, all tested and working

    Been playing in admin mode, hadn't realized nothing shows up in yarn spinner by default, have made the necessary changes, fixed and tested, version 1.1 now ready, sorry for the inconvenience.

  3. Minor fix

    Forgot to include Desian's helmet.
  4. Brings various accessories in from iconic (and not-so iconic) franchises! 24 Items

    Updated with:
    - Fuma's Hat (Suikoden)
    - Pesmerga's Helmet (Suikoden)
    - Killey's Hat (Suikoden)
    - Lin's Hat (Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter)
    - Harle's Hat (Chrono Cross)
    - Straw Hat (One Piece)
    - Desian's Helmet (Tales of Symphonia)
    - Jack's Cap (Harvest Moon)
    - Scouter (Dragonball Z)
    - Saiyan Vest (Dragonball Z)
    - Saiyan Pants (Dragonball Z)​