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Andromeda Ship Revived 1.13

A nice ship is revived.

  1. Fixed booster error for every race that is not human and avali

    Now I'm wondering if everyone just uses human / avali only...

    In order to "fix" it you've to either upgrade your ship or delete your .shipworld file (remember to collect everything on your ship first and put them on a planet or something before you delete it) for the game to generate a new one.

    To upgrade your ship :
    - Type /admin, then /spawnitem shipTX (X is the number of tier, 3 is the repaired one where you can jump to another solar system, You've to use the next tier of your current...
  2. Image files optimization

    Cut down around 40% size and hopefully will improve performance. Otherwise nothing is changed.
  3. Now includes Avali.

    As title says. The ship items for Avali will use its original ones though, since they are rather complementary to each other...for colours a at least.
  4. S.A.I.L. and ship objects are recoloured

    In order to update the ship, move all your furniture and tiles to a planet and stay on the planet, quit Starbound, go to Starbound folder and locate storage folder, then player folder and delete the MOST RECENT .shipworld file. After that a new ship will be generated. This is necessary for all vanilla races including human itself.

    - Fixed an issue where the background of the T8 ship behind the wall is still visible (forgot to clean it up).
    - The S.A.I.L. has correct colour for the vanilla...
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