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Amethystumn's Robodog 1.4

Replaces the Glitch pet, Piglett, with Robodogs!

  1. Fixes some minor missing colours and...

    This minor update fixes some missing colours that I found in quite a few of the animation frames for all of the robodogs.

    Here is an example of one frame out of the many that I fixed up for the different colour variations of the dogs;


    This update also makes the robodogs compatible with a mod that Monijir and I will be releasing very soon. It simply moves their sleeping frames over by 3 pixels( Shown in red below) so that they will sleep in the middle of the bed just like every other vanilla Starbound Ship Pet.


    Thanks for bearing with me everyone :) If you would like to find out more about the upcoming mod that we'll be releasing please head over here.
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