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Alchemical Reactions 1.2.5

Explore Alchemy within a Vanilla or Modded playthrough.

  1. Master Recipe Book

    Release: 1.1

    Codex Forge
    - Added new Recipe: Master Recipe Book

    [Master Recipe Book]
    - Details recipes for all of the Powders and Essences for the Dark Alchemy Table.

    Update Notes:
    This update was to allow everyone who was having issues with the mod an alternative.
    The intention of the mod was to discover the recipes yourself through trial and error, however I cannot expect everyone to just accept that kind of mechanic and still enjoy the mod.
    The Master Recipe Book was made to make use of the extra Scientist's Plea in player inventories, and also give players an option to "take it easy" or not.

    Update Schedule:
    I have a hard time coding and working on the mod during the week; as a result, most of the updates will come on the weekends, if there are any.
    Next Update will be the story (Promise!)
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