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Alchemical Reactions 1.2.5

Explore Alchemy within a Vanilla or Modded playthrough.

  1. Mioure

    Allow yourself to create and experience Alchemy like never imagined.

    Find new ways to use old Vanilla items to make you stronger!
    Starting with the Scientist's Plea, This mod includes a quest chain to help players get started with every crafting table available.

    Quest chain.png

    This mod will contain materials to be able to create potions and brews to assist in gameplay, or allow players to use the buffs they enjoy.

    Included are 7 tiers of potions, ranging from Early-Game Vials, to End-Game Shadow potions, with a few thrown in for partys and mini-games.

    Using the Dark Alchemy Table, you can turn almost any vanilla item into a powder, to then convert into a specific buff tied to the item the poweder came from.
    For example:
    - Sharpened Claws turn into Saris Powder for Hunter Potions.
    - Hardened Carapace turn into Pacis Powder for Thorns Potions.

    Along with the easy-to-obtain materials, there are systems integrated to allow players to obtain harder materials through the use of recycling old ores or food to obtain Kiris Fragments. These can be combined with Essence to craft powders that come from the more rare mob-drops such as those mentioned above.

    Overstuffed Buffbar.png

    Full Tables.png


    The Story in Alchemical Reactions is planned to be a prequel story to that of the vanilla Starbound.
    Although only two chapters are available at release, more is planned.
    Up to 12 chapters detailing the events of the Old Alchemists are already planned, and in the process of being written.

    On top of those, 4 more chapters explaining the Magis War before the Old Alchemists will be seeing publication after the main story is complete.

    Upon release, however, are books with easter eggs, and the Timeline that was completed before the Storyline took shape. These and a Page-Intensive development log await those, eager to read into the Lore of Alchemical Reactions.

    Interesting Story.png

    Currently there is a basic armory available in this mod.
    This includes a single Level 4 broadsword, and eight level 7 elemental broadswords.
    The Armory is planned to be expanded at a later date, however for the time being, The swords available should be a welcoming feature to people who are a fan of the Protectorate Sword.

    Alchemical Reactions hosts a recolored Empowerment ability on every level 7 swords, each with the color fitting their element. Four of the swords are templated to be Shadow Blades, and as such show a purple hue when swinging.

    Elemental Weapons.png

    These combined with the Potions available, should lend itself to a decent gameplay experience.

    Please comment with any feedback you may have, and don't forget to use Chariot.

    Running Around.png

    Alternative Download Link for Non-Steam Users (Version 1.2.5):
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Do not alter or redistribute the assets included in this mod.


    1. Quest chain.png

Recent Updates

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    Version: 1.2.5
    It just takes me to the steam page
  2. vichakraho
    Version: 1.0
    adds good content to the game
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    Version: 1.0
    Good addition to the game, thank you !