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AI+Teleport Beam Color Change (Starbound 1.0) v1.15

Choose various colours that change the vanilla races AI+Teleport Colour

  1. fixed missed glitch colours and glitch purple

    Noticed Glitch Purple conversion was missing some parts. Fixed. Glitch was also missing parts in Green and Dark blue. Fixed. Updated My arrangement and my arrangement alt.
  2. Noticed I got the Avian Yellow Hue wrong. Corrected. I think....

    Noticed I got the Avian Yellow Hue slightly wrong. Corrected. I think....
  3. Just added a couple of Alternate versions for Human Red

    As I play Human for my Main Char. I Started to dislike everything being red, since there is soo much blue on a Human ship.

    So for HumanRedAlt1, I restored the Ship locker symbol/lights to default blue (And added the animation to the lights, it bugged me that it's still only static). And restored that one light on the AI terminal to blue (And slightly animated it.) Here's a quick look. - http://i.imgur.com/r4ICZGZ.jpg

    For HumanRedAlt2. I thought maybe the issue was that red was...
  4. This is the Main mod version for most people

    This is the Main mod version for most people. vZero is for modders