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Aging Alien Alcohols 1.0

Turn all that space fruit into wines that age over time!

  1. dalante
    Sick and tired of coming back to your ship after a long hard away mission, only to find all your refreshing juice spoiled or rotten?
    Introducing Aging Alien Alcohols, juices that get better the longer you leave them!
    label 2.png
    avesmiqueur.png Avesmiqueur, from avesmingo juice
    azurandy.png Azurandy, from blue stim packs
    brine.png Brine, from reef juice
    cactipa.png CactIPA, from cactus juice
    coffeewine.png Coffee Wine, from guess what
    cyanjack.png Cyanjack, from cyanider
    guleskey.png Guleskey, from red stim packs
    lichor.png Lichor, from bloody puss
    oculimoncello.png Oculimoncello, from oculemonade
    oilager.png Oilager, from oil
    orrum.png Orrum, from yellow stim packs
    overclock.png Overclock, from pozest
    poignac.png Poignac, from antidotes
    superluminale.png Superlumin Ale, from liquid erchius
    tennerry.png Tennerry, from orange stim packs
    tequilava.png Tequilava, from lava
    thordial.png Thordial, from thorn juice
    toxcider.png Toxcider, from toxic juice
    ultiminthe.png Ultiminthe, from ultimate juice
    vertincture.png Vertincture, from green stim packs
    xino.png Xino, from alien fruit juice​
    At the kitchen table, make a barrel of Must out of vanilla drinks and an empty glass bottle, then just plop it somewhere and go do captainy things!
    Once it ages, it will be worth double what it used to be, and it will last twice as long too!
    A drink can age again, and again, and again! Four times, in fact! Each time, it will double in price, but will get diminishing returns on duration.
    If you get a drink all the way to the 4th aging, it'll have a different description than normal.

    If you happen to have better names or descriptions, I'd love to hear them!
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

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