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Aerondight - The Witcher 1.6

Adds the sword "Aerondight" from the Witcher games!

  1. Armor!

    Added some new goodies:

    - Kaer Morhen armor: Now you can pretend to be Geralt by wearing his iconic armor.

    - A Geralt of Rivia wig: Now you can pretend to be Geralt *even harder*, and you don't even need to create a new character. Simply craft it and put it on.
    That means anyone can try to look like him, not just humans. Can't guarantee non-humans won't look hideous, though.

    - A sword scabbard: For when you're tired of wearing capes to hide the EPPs, now you can be a true monster slayer and carry around a second sword! Too bad it seems to be stuck, though. Oh well.
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