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Outdated Advanced Weaponizer 5-13-14

Five million weapons and counting!

  1. Three million swords, and then some!

    Mouse, don't die on me now...
    Hybrid Broadswords have been added, with over THREE MILLION different combinations! I'm not sure why, but each hybrid weapon type just gets more complex than the last one!

    In addition, a new elemental melee attack has been added: Ice! Similar to the ice bolts in uncommon Crossbows, ice attacks slow enemies down. This was added to compliment an Ice Mallet weapon type which will appear in a future update. Frying Pans, Candy Canes, and all Hybrid and Uncommon weapons can now have the Ice attribute.

    ChuckleGrenades are a new throwable item inspired by a Gag Weapons suggestion thread. After five seconds or on contact with an enemy, they explode into several needles! They can be crafted for 75 pixels each at the Metalwork Station.

    I also added an Aperture Core weapon type based on the various cores/spheres in the Portal series... but I forgot to add any method of obtaining them.

    Finally, there are Mega Busters that can be found either in chests or as boss drops. So far, 12 projectile types have been spread out across three Buster types, and more will be added later on!
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