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Active Stealth Module v1.62 (p1.2)

A person/plant/fish/etc-portable active cloaking system.

  1. Patch 1.2

    Updated for new patch.
  2. Bug fix

    Missed a script on the update
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  3. Update Fix

    Just fixes
  4. Head Slot variant

    Added a tech variant for the Head slot.
  5. Bugfix

    Fixed a script crash when holding a sapling.
  6. 1.0 Update

    Updated for release.

    Now has two optional upgrades you can unlock: the Agent's Stealth tech has a much lower energy cost, and the Assassin's Stealth tech has a much larger sneak attack bonus.
  7. Updated Quest Requirements

    Changed the requirements for the quest.
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  8. Glad Giraffe

    Managed to fix the script functionality in Glad Giraffe.

    Only Monsters and NPCs are affected now, so objects and some things with their own script sources will ignore the stealthing effect.

    Also, you now get a damage bonus for making sneak attacks from stealth.
  9. Bugfix + dynamic energy cost

    Fixed a typo which crashed the script when it drained all your energy.

    The energy cost is now dynamic, based on the brightness at your location and how fast you're moving. You may even regenerate energy, if you stand still in the dark.

    Crouching will decrease the cost, and you will always gain at least a little energy when doing so.

    The transparency filter is more opaque, and will adjust to light level so you should always be able to see your character.