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Access Granted 2.0

Accessories and References Galore!

  1. Access Granted

    Apple Kid
    A few NEW accessories have been added and bugs have been fixed!

    - Brickman's Bonce
    - Child's Headgear
    - Clingy Fungi
    - Headhugger
    - Meowsical Headband
    - Power Helm
    - Retro Vision
    - Watch Snatcher

    - Handsome Fellow's Head
    - Party Crashers Helmet
    - Training Cap
    All three of these accessories are dyeable!

    Brickman's Bonce was suggested by IndigoAlkali from Steam!
    Headhugger was suggested by Spy Crab! from Steam!
    Power Helm was suggested by Deoxys™ from Steam!
    Meowsical Headband was suggested by CatJamSprinkles!
    Handsome Hellow's Head was suggested by Angery Ruski Doggo from Steam!
    Party Crashers Helmet was suggested by D4NKN3SS (Get it?) from Steam!
    Training Cap was suggested by nickyellow0313 from Steam!
    All accessories can be crafted at a Yarn Spinner for 100 Pixels.​
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