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[ABANDONED] Hubnester's Miscellaneous Stuff 2019-02-13

Adds some random stuff that people have requested.

  1. FU Compatibility Update

    Fixes compatibility with the new Frackin Universe pet house changes
  2. Bug Fix

    Fixes an issue with the rainbow snugget causing your first snugget to always be one
  3. Snugget Changes

    Makes it so that Snuggets can rarely be a rainbow one that changes colour.
    Removes christmas snuggets (likely temporarily since some of the changes are stil WIP).
  4. Brands

    Adds more brands and a new hair
  5. Update

    Updates the mod
  6. Actual Update

    Fixes me not actually updating the mod files here
  7. Shadow Snugget And Biohazard Brand

    Adds a variation of snugget that is a shadow snugget and adds a biohazard brand.
  8. Minor Nugget Improvement

    Makes it so that having multiple Nugget Capture Pod's will allow you to multiple Nuggets (not too important atm, but a shop you can buy it and other pets from is coming in the future)
  9. Nugget Pet

    Adds a capture pod containing a snugget called Nugget to novakids starting treasure (the collar is just an oblivious collar with a name and icon change)
  10. More Christmas Snuggets

    Adds a Christmas version of the other snugget colours (including the one from Pandora's Box) and a new novakid brand