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A Simple Stone Torch [v1.4]

Simple, easy-to-make torches for your deep-cave exploration needs.

  1. An update!

    Hey guys! Thanks for the kind support!

    I've decided to add more kinds of torches, primarily with Uranium, Plutonium, and Solarium.

    Their effects are as follows:

    Plutonium Stone Rod: Pink-ish lighting, half as dim as the original torch, however crafts twice as many torches for when you need some minor ambient lighting.

    Uranium Stone Rod: Green lighting, it's just as potent as the original coal stone torch, however with the added functionality that can be used underwater directly. No change in recipe costs aside from using Uranium

    Solarium Stone Rod: Almost pure-white lighting, barely to no flicker. Feels alot more brighter than the original one, but a 1:1 ratio when it comes to crafting (1 solarium ore = 1 solarium torch).

    Due to this update, the stone rod recipe has been lowered from 2 rods to 1 per 2 cobblestone.

    Hope y'all enjoy!
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