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A Simple Stone Torch [v1.4]

Simple, easy-to-make torches for your deep-cave exploration needs.

  1. G.Xyon

    Tired of having to chop trees, plant them, refine wood into planks, and then convert said planks into torches to then resume exploring deep, dark caves? Tired of running out of torches 5 minutes later, having to go back up to do the exact same thing again just to keep exploring?

    Tired of having a horde of cobblestone in your inventory, and not having any idea on what to use them for?

    Well, me too.

    This simple mod adds a stone "rod" craftable from two cobblestone, which in turn can be combined with coal to create stone torches. These rods can be made from the "plain" crafting interface, so it can be crafted on the spot, when you need it most.

    Alongside a regular coal torch, there's now different torches with different effects and lighting!
    • Solarium: Double-cost ultra-bright torches to make sure you see every crack on the wall.
    • Uranium: Has a nifty green lighting, and is impervious to water. Works very well in the ocean, under pools, and in toilets. The cost is still 1:1 like a normal torch.
    • Plutonium: Has double outputs than the previous torches, however the lighting is fairly dim. Works very well for when you want ambient lighting, or don't want to blind yourself on occasion.

    Have fun, and have a good one!
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

Recent Reviews

  1. Xiachh
    Version: Glad Giraffe [v. 1.2]
    this mod takes all the stress away when you are underground omg.
  2. Utkudakid
    Version: Upbeat Giraffe
    Very useful for the Alpaca tenants house,thanks!
  3. DaedricShadow
    Version: Upbeat Giraffe
    This is definitely a useful mod, but I noticed some spelling errors on "A stone rod. Usable for emergency torches when your deep underground." where it should be "you're deep underground.", and on "An uranium torch made of stone. Immune to water." where it should be "A uranium torch".
    Other than that, great mod!
    1. G.Xyon
      Author's Response
      Herp, I've no idea how those got through, I'll fix them soon. Thanks for the kind words and review!
  4. ThatPenguinUFO
    Version: Upbeat Giraffe
    10/10 I love lamp.
  5. moongirl
    Version: Upbeat Giraffe
    Definitely a useful idea and much appreciated thank you. Btw, does this work for the unstable branch?
  6. ScienceSlasher
    Version: Upbeat Giraffe
    great mod. take's a huge stress of having to get wood for torches contently.