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Outdated A capsule worth breaking 1.02

Increases pixel drops from breakables.

  1. Sieve
    Increases the amount of pixels dropped from breakable containers that spawn.
    For starters, the base amount of pixels was increased (From 6 1-pixel drops to 5 5-pixel drops minimum).
    Different-sized containers also drop different pixel amounts, so at least there's a reason for some to be larger now, and hopefully it makes the things worth breaking.

    This not only affects the grey capsules, but also Avian pots, Floran urns, and Glitch baskets as well.

    Mirror for those that need it:

    Installation Instructions:
    Simply unzip into your /Starbound/mods folderand you're done

Recent Reviews

  1. Windcaller
    Version: 1.02
    A nice, simple mod. Does its job.