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Outdated 80s Boom Box 1.6

One handed instruments. Carry your music around with you!

  1. Improvements

    - Improved a little the boombox sprites.
    - Added new category for mod instruments to the table. Is right in the middle.
    - Minor fixes.
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  2. Life changes, people changes, and so Starbound

    - Compatibility with Upbeat Giraffe. GAME ON.
    - Dropped other mod instruments support. Sorry guys, new things are also screwing this feature. I'm not even supporting my own instruments in order to keep everything totally stable.
    - Overflow of crafting table succesfully avoided: All radios can be crafted in their own table! 30 wooden boards and 2 iron bars to craft it. Even has 2 layers, the melter (to recover...
  3. Surprise! I'm back.

    I've been away for a long time now and I was in a hold because my good friend Alex Vixgeck kept updating too frenquently, but now I'm (almost) back

    - Added all the new stuff from Wavediver Luthier
    - Added my new instruments MoarKeyboards (check it out!)
    - Changed "hard" and "easy" recipe:
    > "hard" recipe now requires only 400 pixels
    > "easy" recipe now requires 5 iron bars instead of 8,...
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  4. WaveDiver Hangarang and the Cuatro are here!

    • WaveDiver Hangarang has been released and with it, my compatibility. I also released my own instrument, El Cuatro, check it out. Thanks a lot to Alex Vixgeck for helping me with that!
    • Added an special track for El Cuatro. Very patriotic, WOW.
    • Added (now I did) To The Moon - For River...
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  5. Stringray is here!

    • WaveDiver Stringray has been released and with it, my compatibility!
    • Added some tracks for you to play that I never see around (or see very rarely). I'll post the full list in the main mod page.
    If you downloaded version 1.3, no need to clean install.
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  6. Fixes, organization, and another mod to the list!

    PLEASE READ: I totally changed the arrangement of folders, added icons, and renamed some resources, so make a clean install (delete any previous version and then put this one).

    • Added new mod! Archer's Synthesizers are now compatible. Remember to download it first from the author mod page.
    • Fixed more...
  7. Decorations and changes!

    I managed some time and make the radio also as a furniture item! And to simplify things, is the same item as before, so no need to make extra crafting.

    Known issue: Texture is the same as the Boom Box Instrument but occupying less space.

    As I said before, I'm bad with sprites, so until I find creative help, it has to be this way. Sorry guys.

    • Changed 80's Boom Box from item to object, now can be placed as furniture!
    • Furniture Boom Box...
  8. New stuff and bug fixes

    • Now stated Tabula Rasa support (it already existed, but I didn't mention it. Oops).
    • Added support for WaveDiver's instruments! (Albion, Bandoneon, Dynotar, Ryuto, Pizzicato and Toybox). I'll add the WaveDiver Stingray when modder releases it~
    • Fixed typo error with Violin Boom Box which "sounded like an accordion".
    • Balanced recipe for...
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