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Outdated 80s Boom Box 1.6

One handed instruments. Carry your music around with you!

  1. Life changes, people changes, and so Starbound

    - Compatibility with Upbeat Giraffe. GAME ON.
    - Dropped other mod instruments support. Sorry guys, new things are also screwing this feature. I'm not even supporting my own instruments in order to keep everything totally stable.
    - Overflow of crafting table succesfully avoided: All radios can be crafted in their own table! 30 wooden boards and 2 iron bars to craft it. Even has 2 layers, the melter (to recover your instruments) and the maker (to turn then into boomboxes).
    - Songs eliminated. Let's be honest, we all have more than enough songs.
    - The death of clean installs: I'm turning the mod into a modpak, so you are not going to need (ever again) to make a clean install. True copy/paste!
    - No more tabula rasa compatibility

    I'm sorry for the ones that actually liked the mod compatibility, but new Upbeat Giraffe made this feature disappear, because if you don't have the said mod installed, you will have tons and tons of errors... Shame.

    If you have an instrument mod and since Tabula Rasa seems dead, you can add your recipes to the same group as my table! That way all instruments can be in one place.
    Here, have the code:
    "groups" : [ "boomboxcrafting", "all", "insts" ]
    "insts" is the group where all the boomboxes are shown.
    "returni" is the group where all the instruments can be retrieved from boomboxes.
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