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Outdated 80s Boom Box 1.6

One handed instruments. Carry your music around with you!

  1. Surprise! I'm back.

    I've been away for a long time now and I was in a hold because my good friend Alex Vixgeck kept updating too frenquently, but now I'm (almost) back

    - Added all the new stuff from Wavediver Luthier
    - Added my new instruments MoarKeyboards (check it out!)
    - Changed "hard" and "easy" recipe:
    > "hard" recipe now requires only 400 pixels
    > "easy" recipe now requires 5 iron bars instead of 8, and 100 pixels instead of 300
    - I realized I have some typos on recipes names but since doesn't affect the game, I'll leave it that way (in case you know what you are doing and noticed it)
    - Fixed the fact that some Wavediver instruments couldn't be furnaced

    Stay in touch!
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