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Outdated 2D Fighter Mod - Way of the Warrior 1.1e

Use fighting game moves!

  1. Fixing link

    Fixing link..
  2. Upbeat Giraffe update!

    Just a small update to make the mod working with Upbeat Giraffe. To get it to work, either start a new character and the tech will appear in the ship or become an admin and execute the command:

    /aiaction {"action" : "showTech", "techName" : "wayofthewarriorTech"}

    The tech occupies the body slot currently.

    - SuperMandrew
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  3. Updated for Enraged Koala

  4. Fixed mouse mode set to off

    I'm an idiot - when I fixed the mouseMode I accidentally broke the left inputs.

    The left-based inputs and mouseMode should both work properly now! .. hopefully, haha :)
  5. Mouse mode fixed

    Got a bug report from Patchumz, mouse mode was a bit wonky and would sometimes perform the attack to the right even though the mouse was on the left.

    This patch fixes that problem - let me know if the issue still occurs!

    Thanks :)
  6. Easier inputs, mouse mode, and more!

    Hey fellow fighters!

    We've got a big update we think you'll all enjoy!

    The first part is easier inputs!
    If you're having trouble executing the moves, open up
    /wayofthewarrior/tech/wayofthewarrior/wayofthewarrior.tech and change the line:

    "easyInput": false,

    "easyInput": true,
    With easyInput activated, corners no longer matter in the input. The different movelist is listed below.

    The second part is the...
  7. Switching file hosts

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  8. Added readme file

    Added a short readme file on how to install, and a short movelist with instructions on how to perform them.