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Outdated 2D Fighter Mod - Way of the Warrior 1.1e

Use fighting game moves!

  1. Easier inputs, mouse mode, and more!

    Hey fellow fighters!

    We've got a big update we think you'll all enjoy!

    The first part is easier inputs!
    If you're having trouble executing the moves, open up
    /wayofthewarrior/tech/wayofthewarrior/wayofthewarrior.tech and change the line:

    "easyInput": false,

    "easyInput": true,
    With easyInput activated, corners no longer matter in the input. The different movelist is listed below.

    The second part is the addition of left-sided inputs!
    Tired of inputting the same command for both left and right? Now you can simply switch a flag to false (which it is by default now) and each version of the command will execute based on your input! If you'd like to revert back to the old way, which uses the location of the mouse to determine the direction of the attack, open up
    /wayofthewarrior/tech/wayofthewarrior/wayofthewarrior.tech and change the line:

    "mouseMode": false,

    "mouseMode": true,

    Movelist (for easyInput set to false, right direction):
    Hadouken: S, S+D, D, Click -- (or.. qcf, click)
    Shoryuken: D, S, S+D, D, Click -- (or.. f,qcf, click)
    Shinku Hadouken (requires full hyper bar): S, S+D, D, S, S+D, D, Click -- (or.. qcf, qcf, click)

    Note that when easyInput is set to false, you can roll your fingers, as seen here:

    Movelist (for easyInput set to true, right direction):
    Hadouken: S, D, Click
    Shoryuken, D, S, D, Click
    Shinku Hadouken (requires full hyper bar): S, D, S, D, Click

    Toggle hyper bar display: G

    Full changelog:

    - addition of easyInput mode
    - addition of mouseMode mode
    - addition of debug mode allowing for testing of super hadouken
    - fixed disappearing of tools so that they disappear when the attack is all that remains, not one more step
    - fixed collisions with super hadouken not checking high enough
    - lowered height collision of shoryuken, not hitting things way above now
    - edited transparency of some shoryuken sprites
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