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Outdated 2D Fighter Mod - Way of the Warrior 1.1e

Use fighting game moves!

  1. SuperMandrew

    Do you wish the combat system was more interactive? Are you a fan of 2D fighters?
    Do you like ripping through a planet with a GIANT FREAKIN LASER BEAM?!


    If you answered yes to any of the above, then this mod is for you! Even if you didn't you should still give it a shot and let me know what you think! :)

    This mod, by myself and LowestFormOfWit (who created the beautiful blue-man sprites), adds a new tech to the game, which unlocks three new moves for the player.

    The first move is the hadouken, which is performed by starting down (S), then going down+right (S+D), then right (D) and finishing with a click. Doing a quick roll of your fingers on the keyboard plus a click causes your character to perform a hadouken similar to Street Fighter!
    Input: S, S+D, D, Click
    If you're not using easyInput, this is how the move should be performed:

    Correct: [​IMG] (+ click)

    [​IMG] (+ click)

    The second move is the shoryuken. This is performed a little differently, but essentially the same as the hadouken but first pressing right (D).
    Input: D, S, S+D, Click or:
    D, S, S+D, D, Click

    The character will attack in the direction based on which side of the screen the mouse is on.

    Performing either of these moves will charge your hyper bar. Once your hyper bar is fully charged, you can unleash a super hadouken! This will destroy terrain (and enemies) and consume your hyper bar. It's performed by doing two hadouken's in a row then a click.
    Input: S, S+D, D, S, S+D, D, Click

    Finally, the hyper bar display can be toggled with the G key. You may turn off the display or turn it on, it will still function properly even while off.

    There are a few times you can't do a move: a shoryuken must be done while on the ground, and a hadouken can't be performed when you're falling so fast you'll take damage (no using the hadouken while falling to break the fall, your speed must be slow).

    To install: either start a new character and the tech will appear in the ship or become an admin and execute the command:

    /aiaction {"action" : "showTech", "techName" : "wayofthewarriorTech"}

    I hope you all enjoy! :)


    Higher quality gifs (via gfycat):

    Planned updates:
    - Modular energy system: each move takes X% of max energy at time, and scales damage based on max energy (moves then stay balanced regardless of tier)
    - Potential decay of hyper bar: will prevent people from stockpiling and saving the hyper bar for too long
    - Background projectile: hyper background only works on Zoom x.3 and Zoom x.4 - maybe find a way to get it working on Zoom x.2 properly?
    - Other movesets! Yea, we've got other characters in store ;)

    SuperMandrew and LowestFormOfWit [​IMG]

    SnoopJeDi: idea of using the mouse to determine which direction to perform the attack
    metadept: helped with early version of the input-system
    PenguinToast: helped with querying nearby entities during hyper move, allowing slowdown of all enemies on screen
    healthire: plenty of feedback and help when asked for it
    ##starbound-modding: great resource for any modder, and great community. Come stop on by sometime! :)

Recent Updates

  1. Fixing link
  2. Upbeat Giraffe update!
  3. Updated for Enraged Koala

Recent Reviews

  1. Leonardo Chen
    Leonardo Chen
    Version: 1.1e
    When I use the super hadouken, it ALWAYS crashes ,EVERYTIME.Though it's a good mod :(
  2. nereshadow
    Version: 1.1e
    Really fun
  3. roarger_
    Version: 1.1e
    game crashes with ultimate shoduken
  4. Endermaster
    Version: 1.1e
    Awesome mod.But it could be awesomer with a FUS RO DAH!
  5. UnidentifiedSittingPerson
    Version: 1.1e
    This tech decimates lower tier planets, but there's an issue with the Shinko-Hadoken that causes it to do nothing but disarm you until you die, the animation won't play unless you use it in the air, This may be because of the Pleased Giraffe update, please fix this when you can.

    Thank you and have a good day.
  6. DerunDas
    Version: 1.1e
    Im having a problem to where when i use the special i turn invisible and the "laser" part is just going and doesnt destroy any blocks. If it were to work properly for me id definitely rate a full 5 stars
  7. Evor
    Version: 1.1e
    This is amazing. I'm not sure how many have tried this mod. But playing a character with no armor/ default armor and only trying to kill using said moves...... Its fun especially when you nail the moves and the person yells either Hadouken! or Shoryuken! Brings back memories. XD HIGHLY! Recommend this mod!
  8. lordglythglyth
    Version: 1.1e
    any chance to get a gun version of the super move it be one nice way to make tunnels:P
  9. keetaro
    Version: 1.1e
    its great but personally i dont like the voice and find it irritating having to listen to hadoken and shoryuken over and over again and that i get a energy bar floating above my head.
    is it not possible to have it use energy like other tech or just add the new bar under the normal energy bar.
    overall a great mod and well made i just didnt like the hyper bar and the voice.
    1. SuperMandrew
      Author's Response
      You can comment out the play sounds within the tech LUA file, but do keep in mind most fighting games will yell out the movie almost every time. :)

      In regards to hiding the bar above your head - I can't move it to under the normal energy bar, but you can hide it by pressing H I believe (if that doesn't work, try G).
  10. QueenMeatwing
    Version: 1.1e
    I do like the designs very much and the idea is very potent, however I believe the contols are very unreliable and I myself find them very hard to understand even when you do get the hang of them. A possible way to 'fix' (I say fix in quotation marks because it's more of a personal issue to me) this could be to just bind the actions to spefic keys much like how you select matter manipulator, wire & paint tool with R, T and Y but obviously change they keys to something like C, V and B? Enough of my ranting, Great mod!
    1. SuperMandrew
      Author's Response
      Sorry, I doubt I'll ever bind the moves to keys, but I also think that there are not enough keys available to bind that techs have access to (I believe they only have access to F,G,H..).

      That being said, have you tried turning on easyInput? It should make doing the moves easier as it gets rid of the diagonal moves (down+right, for instance)